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Amend The Official Secrets Act To Protect Whistle Blowers And Witnesses Who Come Forward In The Investigation Into Historic Child Abuse

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Dear Mr Cameron


We have all been totally shocked and disgusted about the revelations of historic child abuse by so called respected members of the establishment. Many children have been brutally abused and some murdered by these disgusting individuals. Back in 1983 Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens presented his dossier which included names of members of the establishment to the then Home Secretary Leon Britten. However, no action was ever taken and these files mysteriously disappeared. In 2012 Labour MP Tom Watson made a speech at parliament about an alleged pedophile ring that was operating from Downing Street.


When this first hit the news we assumed that the surviving victims of these dreadful crimes would get the justice that they deserve and those responsible would be punished for their crimes.  However, this does not seem to be happening.


On 23 February 2015, Labour MP John  Mann put forward a motion for an amendment to The Official Secrets Act;


(1) The Official Secrets Act 1989 is amended as follows—
(2) After section 8, insert—
“(8A) It is a defence for a person charged with an offence under any provision of this Act to prove that he knew, or had reasonable cause to believe, that the information, document or article disclosed was—
(a) germane to an official investigation of, or inquiry into, historic child abuse, and
(b) provided only to an officer of such an investigation or inquiry.


John Mann did speak about the reasons for proposing this amendment but sadly only a few members of parliament was actually present.  You and most of your colleagues voted against this amendment which would have made it much easier to investigate these historic allegations.  Also for some strange reason this vote and it's result did not seem to appear in any of the newspapers.


Many people have tried to blow the whistle on these disgusting crimes on numerous occasions in the past and they were threatened with The Official Secrets Act.  It would seem that you and your party do not think that this amendment is required because you have assured people that if they come forward they will not be prosecuted.  Well Mr Cameron trust is what created this problem in the first place.  How can you expect anyone to trust the Government when they have used this act to protect these evil vile individuals? 


One member of our group even questioned their own MP Andrew Rossindell why he voted against this amendment and he responded by stating that he did not recall voting on it and would never vote against anything that would hinder the investigation into historic child abuse.  When she later found the voting record and attempted to confront him he ignored her and actually reported her to the police !!


Mr Cameron, instead of funding a museum in honour of Margaret Thatcher who according to the media was well aware of these abuse allegations and took no action, you should be doing all you can to assist these investigations into historic child abuse.  Until the closets of Westminster are well and truly cleaned out these victims will not receive justice and you need to ensure the safety of all of our nations children.



Wendi Greenhow Barford

Nicola Holmes

Lorraine Moss


Justice For Victims Of Child Abuse


If The Official Secrets Act was amended it would encourage so many more people to come forward and ensure that all of these evil individuals are brought to justice. We need thousand of signatures to make this happen. Please share the link to this petition with everyone you know and together we can make a difference.

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