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Ban Halal and Kosher Practices in the UK

Halal meat is brutal, inhumane and extremely painful and distressing to animals, FACT! The main goal for this petition, is to achieve a complete ban on religious slaughter here in the UK and to inform as many people as possible along the way, as to what religious slaughter actually is, seeing as how this subject is never discussed incase it offends anyone. As a result, people who do put animal welfare before religious beliefs, are eating this type of meat without even knowing it.

To produce Halal meat, a Muslim must carry out the slaughter of an animal by cutting its throat, windpipe and blood vessels while the animal is fully concious and letting the blood drain from its veins. It can take between two and five minutes for the animal to die in this way, depending on the animal and as you can see from the video I have attached, its clear that the animals are suffering deeply. These animals endure barbaric torture for Islamic and Jewish 'beliefs'. I say 'beliefs' because in the Quran, it states 'where Halal is not available, non Halal can be eaten and the same has been admitted by the Jewish community, therefore, we WILL NOT OFFEND ANYONE by banning Halal and Kosher meat in the UK! Live stock do not suffer any differently physically from humans or your pets. Just because you do not share your homes with live stock, does not mean they deserve to be treated any differently to your pets. These animals die in order to sustain humans, so why make them suffer when we have the ability to stun the animals before the slaughter?

 The Quran states that were Halal products are not available, non Halal products can be used/eaten, Therefore there is no need to have this barbaric practice carried out in the UK!

This is in no way shape or form racial discrimination or anything else that people say to try to make this subject go away. My petition is solely about animal welfare and that's it. As much as I need every single signature possible, I will not have comments involving racial abuse towards anyone. My intentions are soley about the pain these animals go through every day.

Its come to light, that the UK government have announced that a ban of Halal or Kosher meat will not happen in the UK, so we as the puplic and the people who actually matter, need to ask why? My only answer to this is votes. David Cameron does not want to offend our Jewish communities or the Muslims who live in the UK, making it very obvious that he cares more about his own welfare (votes) than what the majority of the UK people believe to be right. It is unfair that David Cameron and Nick Clegg have announced this, without actually listening to the UK public. My opinion is, David Cameron, put it to the UK public to decide! You stand as a representitive of the British people, which means you should be doing what the public want...NOT WHAT YOU WANT!

Animals like sheep, cows, goats, chickens and pigs are brutally slaughtered every single day for people who couldnt care less about animal welfare. Its time to put these outdated ways behind us and move on as a nation, who puts human and animal welfare before religion.

All to often we hear how companies such as KFC, Subway etc are putting Halal meat on their menus as by not having it, it will offend Islam. Well I AM OFFENDED BY HALAL AND KOSHER MEAT! I have lived in the UK since birth like my mother, her mother, her mothers mother and hers before, yet I stand here deeply offended and from the comments this petition has recieved, I am not the only one. Yet that doesnt seem to matter to the government. I feel physically sick when I see 'Halal' written on the side of meat transport vans, on supermarket signs etc which is not fair. Why should I have to be offended and upset daily because of 'beliefs' that arent actually 'beliefs' of any religion?

Animals who are put to slaughter in this way suffer greatly and as one of the most intelligent species on this planet, we have designed ways which allows us to kill animals in the most humane way possible, so why do we not do it every single time? The UK governemt also added that only a small number of animals are killed in this way, still making it thousands every day. I dont actually care if it was one animal a day or 5million, this practice should not be done to ANY animal! Who gave anyone the right to decide that animals should die in this horrific way!?

So to David Cameron, we as the British pubic demand that you stop thinking of yourself, your votes, religious beliefs over animal welfare and start doing what we as a nation want. If you are so sure that people of the UK want this disgusting slaughter carried out here, let every single British citizen vote on it. Even your own ministers dont believe Halal and Kosher meat should be produced here, so start listening to us and make this right!

Sign the petition to get this out of our society and save our animals a terrifying, slow death.

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