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Stop Roblox's Radical Changes (Deleting Fourms, Anthro)

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Attention, Robloxians, and alike.

Roblox is planning on adding "Anthropomorphic Characters", predominantly called "R30 Characters". They will look like humanoid characters, and more realistically shaped.

The reason why I am calling you here today, and asking you to sign this petition, is because adding Anthropomorphic Characters will cause Roblox to massively deviate from the original concept of the game. As stated in a Forum Post made by Temprist, (Which is quoted in this video: "Roblox is trying to turn the game into something it's not." Roblox is adding something that will deviate from the "Blox" Concept, Roblox wouldn't be Roblox if they added these Anthropomorphic Characters.

Another Reason why you should sign this Petition is that ROBLOX IS MAKING HORRIBLE IDEAS! R30 Models look horrible, they won't fit together with the already existent Roblox Accessories, and if they decide to make more ROBLOX accessories made specifically for Anthropomorphic Models, it will not only cost us more money, but it just goes to show that Roblox is running out of ideas to siphon money out of us. And they're stupid enough to ruin the core concept of simplicity, and blockiness.

The reason why I care about this is that I care about ROBLOX. Not just the game, but the community. People are complaining about this, but they're being shunned and shushed by Roblox. If you'd seen anyone complain to Roblox, they'll make some ridiculous excuse that their words are "Inappropriate for Roblox", "Violating Terms of Service" and if they're too lazy to think of an excuse: "Exploiting on a game". At this point, we know that they know that their excuses are slowly beginning to mean nothing. And It's time we take action to stop them.

The Roblox Team is an amazing bunch of people, with great personalities, they gave us the game Roblox. And It is important that we thank them for that.

But now, they're ruining it. And we cannot allow that to happen.





  1. July: Anthro
  2. October: Removing Guests
  3. Now: Removing forums.


I'm sorry, what? WHAT?!

Dear Roblox, do you understand that Y'all actually just eliminated a fundamental feature of your site. A place where people can discuss aspects of Roblox among others, a regularly active and should-be-to-this-day active community on Roblox? Are you actively trying to quiet your own audience? Are you silencing your players? Your developers? Honestly, this is full-on madness.

Do I need to explain why the Roblox Forums are an important part of Roblox? Do I have to? Or can it be better explained by THE PEOPLE WHO USE THE FORUMS? Isn't this enough? We get it. You're tired of being the center of criticism that you literally decided to REMOVE the largest, most effective way to talk to administrators in Roblox? This is short-minded, unthought, and radical. And if you give me that idiotic excuse that "The Forums are god-forsakenly appropriate for kids that can't even read." Tell me, WHAT PERCENTAGE OF YOUR SITE ARE KIDS THAT CAN'T READ. WHAT PERCENTAGE OF YOUR SITE IS VULNERABLE TO THIS. And isn't it your job? Your job? To patrol the forums and cut out inappropriateness? Removing the darn thing isn't solving crap. And you know what? We're personally done. We're personally done with you taking away what made Roblox Fun. I honestly don't play Roblox anymore because you seem to care about your money instead of your CREATORS, your COMMUNITY, and your PLAYERS. Can't you see that this is enough?

To you all who aren't up to speed, Roblox literally is destroying Roblox, deforming it, mutating it, in an impromptu and idiotic way? They are decimating their own site and doing it for the greater good. What is greater good Roblox that is STRIPPED of it's good?

This is my second, and forthright most desperate call for action. SPREAD THE WORD. We cannot let Roblox do this to Roblox. Contact all your family members, friends, spread the word. And continue to grow in power. Rise up. Let them hear our voice.

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