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Started by niusha hezareh

STORM CHIN needs to be charged for Matthew Ferns death. Matty formally known as Matthew committed suicide at the start of the year (2020) due to being physically, verbally, and mentally abused by Storm. It is clear that with the evidence that Storm Chin pushed Matty to kill himself.

Domestic violence and/or abuse is not OKAY. For men or women. It also should not be brushed off just because she is just a woman. 

Current law in section 162 of the criminal code act states “Assisting and encouraging suicide can carry up to 10 years imprisonment” and with solid evidence of this individual "woman" saying to a young man to go "kill himself" which he succeeded, Storm should be held criminally liable for this.

If we can get enough people to sign this petition this will get attention from the general public and the family and friends of Matty will finally get the justice they deserve and will finally be heard and listened to.

Rather than it always being planned out as the man's fault. Break the cycling world. My Condolences to all the family and friends of Matty.

If anyone needs more information or is after to see the evidence before signing, I am happy to answer any questions regarding the petition.


2,719 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!