Stop the inhumane treatment of PONIES in CHOWRASTA that are USED, ABUSED and abandoned

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The Ponies of Chowrasta - Used, Abused and Abandoned.
Every year I come across atleast one pony from Chowrasta that has been neglected or abandoned. Every year I talk to the owners, ask them to take good care of the ponies, even quarrel with them but they are very well aware of the fact that neither I nor any of the Ngo have the authority to take any action against them so they could not care less about what we have to say. Please note that the Ngos cannot take away or do anything for the 'owned animals'. The Municipality is the sole authority in these matters. The owners are liable to pay tax to the Municipality.
Couple of years ago, a white pony that had grown old was abandoned by the owners and later disappeared, obviously died somewhere. (see photo no.1 )
During the 104 days of strike, some of the pony owners had left Darjeeling leaving the ponies behind, we fed them once a day everyday in the way we fed other stray animals. (see photo no.2)
Last year in March, another pony named Pinky, who had grown old and sick, was abandoned. I received many complaints from locals as well as from the tourists. The pony was in such a condition that it would just drop down flat on the ground. I again tried talking to the owners but as usual they could not care less. I got in touch with a vet who checks up on the ponies and found out that he too was concerned about the pony and that there was someone who was willing to take the pony to his land and look after it. So, I wrote a letter explaining the situation and went to the Darjeeling Municipality. For more than a month I was put off, every time they would make some or other kind of excuses. I would be have to wait for hours just to talk to them. I explained everything to them verbally also, all they had to do was give permission to take the pony but they just made excuses. All I could do was put her photo in our 'animal cruelty awareness wall' below Southfield College. (see photo no. 3, 4 and 5).
This year again, there is a wave of complaints about another pony that has been abandoned. I went to see the pony yesterday morning; she was standing in front of Oxford book store, all wet with a bloated tummy. I could not figure out whether the bloated tummy was due to pregnancy or from eating plastics. I shared the video with a vet and according to him it must be because of eating plastics as she could not be pregnant at her age. I went to the stable to find out this pony's story but it was all shut down which meant that this pony had been left outside on cold rainy night. This pony too has clearly been abandoned. (see photo no. 6 and 7).
These poor ponies are forced to ride the tourists without a break during the tourist season. I have literally sat on one of the benches in Chowrasta for hours just to observe how many times a pony is made to carry tourists in an hour or a day, I lost count. Not just the adults, the baby ponies, the sick and old ponies, are loaded with fat humans who clearly are too obese for these poor animals. These poor animals are exploited and used as money churning machines, only to be neglected again once the tourist season ends. But the vicious circle keeps continuing once the tourist season starts and that is why the owners do not let anyone to take away their ponies.
Abandoning any animal for any reason can land you in prison for up to three months. Section 11(1)(i) and Section 11(1)(j), PCA Act, 1960.
It is the fundamental duty of every citizen of India to have compassion for all living creatures. Article 51A(g).
India has some of the finest provisions to safeguard animals in the world but sadly, hardly any of them are implemented mainly because of the kind of authorities that we have. I do not have the luxury of time and energy to run after the authority to make them listen to my requests; which sadly after all is going to fall on deaf ears. Therefore, I ask you, the people of Darjeeling, what should be done to tackle this problem? Please let us all come together for the poor souls of Chowrasta.

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