Darius’s 2nd chance

Darius’s 2nd chance

October 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Javonte Williams

My name is Darius Williams! I have currently
been incarcerated for 13yrs. With 13 more to
go. Im seeking relief from the governor of
Illinios in the form of a clemency petition. I've
been incarcerated since I was 17 years young.
Since then, I have grown a lot as a young man. I
can not take back the actions that have lead me here,
but I can learn and have in fact, grown from them. I've served
this time wisely since I've been away. I have not just been
allowing time to idlly past me by. Alot of
people in my situation would have given up
hope. I understood that I could not. I had to
believe that one day before my outdate, I would
be released. Given a much earned & needed
second chance to show the growth & work I have
put into becoming a better person. I could list a million adjectives to 
describe myself, but the one word I would like to highlight the most, is rehabilitated.
I feel that the decision to decline someone like me of my release, would be a decision to ignore 
my consistent, long-standing, rational, and pure dedication towards my energy to completely 
reform my entire character and identity. I do understand that my actions
altered a lot of lives, even beyond what I could have imagined. However, all I can do is ask for forgiveness. 
I simply ask not be judged or labeled by one great mistake made in my life. For, I am
more than what I have been told I am. It is not by mistake that anyone who has ever known the old Darius, 
now identifies me as the new Darius. I just want the chance to show world this. 
I can certify the fact that I have completely and undeniably, dedicated my entire time inside prison, to my own
personal reform. Actually, since I have been gone, I have even discovered a passion for writing music.
If and when, I am given my second chance, I plan to walk the world through
my journey, using music. I truly wish to express my story using every note and lyric possible. 
This being said, I am in fact, prepared to show the rest of the world
what a free man should behave like. To all the people who
have been here supporting me, and believing in
me, I do know this journey has not been easy. No
amount of words can express my appreciation.
In due time, all things come to fruition, you just
have to be willing to believe. I understand
second chances aren't given, they are earned! When I am blessed with mine I vow to make it count and
show exactly why I deserve it.

I do also ask that whomever has the pleasure of reading my plea, views me as Darius. 
I pray to God that someone hears me, and view me as a changed man, not as the Illinois Department of Corrections 
number, or the offender you see on paper. To all the people who stopped to read my story
and sign their signatures. God bless you all. 
I can not express my graditude enough. Thank You!.

My well being 

I feel as though it's my time to reunite with the outside world.

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Signatures: 50Next Goal: 100
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