Legalize all consumer fireworks in Connecticut.

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 In Connecticut, any fireworks that shoot in the air or explode are illegal. Possessing, selling or using unlawful fireworks is a Class 1 misdemeanor But, many people violate this law and simply buy fireworks in another state (Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Hampshire, etc.) and smuggle them into Connecticut and use them anyway.  Allowing these fireworks would attract more firework businesses to the state and give more business to existing ones, which means more tax money. Since a lot of the state is rural, it would be a lot more productive to have counties and towns set the laws, not the state. It is also a waste of law enforcement's time and  resources that could be used for a better purpose. Also, safe and sane fireworks can be just as dangerous as the ones banned in Connecticut as you can see from these examples:

A 6-inch fountain that shot colored fireballs injured a 4-year-old girl. When the fountain tipped over, the victim was struck in the chest by a fireball. She sustained second- and third- degree burns to her chest and neck. She was hospitalized for three weeks for burn treatment and skin grafts.

A 15-year-old male tied together the wires of 10 sparklers. The sparklers ignited quickly and burned down very fast, finally exploding in his hand. The victim sustained a five-inch long laceration to his hand and forearm exposing muscle. Also, debris from the explosion lodged in his hand and arm. 

Firework injuries: a ten year study ( proved that "Flare/fountains caused most injury (39% of injuries)"

Why does the government have to be responsible for firework injuries? If people took proper precautionary measures, they wouldn't get hurt. The government isn't liable for these injuries.

Last 4th of July, in a neighborhood we heard LOUD booms made by illegal fireworks that had to have been purchased in another state. These fireworks could have gotten Connecticut more tax dollars and supported local businesses, but the law (Which didn't seem to be enforced very much) prevented that.

It seems logical given the current deficit in the budget that any influx of revenue would be welcomed, not to mention helping small buisneses grow and hire more employees thus boosting the economy even more.

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