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Free Paul Modrowski

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Paul Modrowski, an 18 year old autistic teen was arrested in 1993 for a crime he did not commit. Not only that, but Paul is autistic, and even though he was diagnosed at age 3, it was not known that he was autistic during his trial and conviction because Paul's attorneys omitted that Paul was autistic. Also, There was no DNA evidence linking him to the crime, simply the suspected murderer falsely accusing Paul of the crime.

John Robertson, an investigator from the state attorney's office assigned to the Palatine massacre case questioned Paul to see if he was connected. After Paul flexed his rights and demanded an attorney and despite that he didn't confess to any crime, John Robertson made an allegation that Paul confessed that he lent his car to Faraci, with no signed confession, nor with any audio or taped confession at all, just the officer's likely false testimony, which Paul documented in his prison blog.

Even After Faraci's ex-wife Rose testified that Paul had nothing to do with the crime and that he was set up by her husband, Faraci was still acquitted.

As a result of Faraci's acquittal, Paul's Defense Attorney William Von Hoene told Paul that he didn't need to testify since this new development technically meant Paul was innocent. After Paul argued with the attorney to still let him testify, his attorney not only did not allow Paul to testify on his own behalf, but did not threatened Paul that if he brings any witnesses to his defense, one of which was his sister, who was going to testify that Paul was with the family at the time of the crime), that he would leave his case.

 Nor did William Von Hoene reveal Paul's diagnosis of autism to the jury. This caused the jury to misinterpret Paul's awkward body language such as lack of eye contact and stoic emotion as lack of remorse and therefore proven guilt.Paul was a wanted suspected in a mass murder at a Brown's chicken Pasta Restaurant in palatine Illinois after Faraci said Paul did the massacre Depsite Paul never having been to Palatine in order to get the prosecution off of his case.

It was the belief that was Responsible for a mass murder, and his awkward body language, no testimony, that led the Jury even two days after Robert Faraci's acquittal, Modrowski was found guilty for accountability to murder For supposedly lending his car to acquitted man Even when it was known as a fact that he did not commit the murder.

Almost 2 years to the day after his arrest , he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, which is most severe penalty other than capital punishment and usually is reserved for the most dangerous individuals who will never change and are repeat offenders.

It is for there reason Paul needs to be freed, or at least there needs to be another trial, since he was very, very poorly represented at the trial. This is the reasons he must be freed and his story is making me tear up!   Please sign this petition if you think what has happened to Paul is unjust and that Paul deserves Justice.     

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