Victorian Ambo Assault! We demand the sentencing be reviewed! Mandatory is Mandatory.

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We’re meant to have mandatory sentencing laws for violent crimes, but two women who brutally attacked a paramedic while he was resuscitating an unconscious man just dodged jail time.

Paul Judd, is the brother of a good mate and a great bloke. As a paramedic he devotes his life to keeping us alive and safe.

Paul and his colleague Chenaye were viciously attacked as they were trying to save a life. Two women jumped Paul, punched him repeatedly and broke his leg. Despite the law saying that violent crimes have mandatory prison sentences, they got off scot free.

That’s why I’m asking you to join me in calling for a review of the court’s decision.

While these women get on with their lives, laughing and swearing outside the court, Paul has still not been able to return to work after three operations. It’s gross injustice and we, the people of Victoria, will not stand for it.

We’ve had enough of this leniency and not feeling safe in this state.

Our emergency services workers deserve better - we demand the courts to impose the mandatory sentencing required by law to show this appalling behaviour is unacceptable in all cases.