Reinstate Fertility/IVF treatments in Victoria - an essential service for many

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Reinstate Fertility/IVF treatments in Victoria - an essential service for many

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Started by Kate Ellery

COVID19 continues to wreak havoc on the lives of many. For 2 years now, Victorians have been in and out of lockdown with major events cancelled and being forced to isolate away from family and friends.

During these 2 years, infertility treatments have been threatened to stop and many peoples cycles have been cancelled. This is a devastating blow to the many people out there experiencing infertility and turning to treatment as a last (or only) resort in order to have a family. 

On 6/1/22, it was again announced that IVF treatments will be cancelled ‘to free up more health resources.’

Experiencing infertility is considered as stressful as a cancer diagnosis, loss of a family member or going through a divorce. It increases anxiety and depression, childless women are at higher risk of suicide and 13% of women going through IVF experience suicidal ideation. This recent decision is likely to create a mental health crisis among the infertile, who are already dealing with copious amount of synthetic hormones running through their systems and the incredible financial strain placed on them by requiring treatment. 

For those of us who have experienced infertility and pregnancy loss, every day we live without a baby in our arms is hard. And now the added stress of not knowing when treatments will be reinstated.

IVF is NOT a choice. Politicians should NOT be allowed to decide on the timing of anyones reproduction. 

Women in their late 30s/early 40s (or those with low ovarian reserve) do NOT have time to wait to start their family, as their egg quality declines with each passing cycle. The decision is potentially taking away peoples chances of ever having a family and totally changing the trajectory of their lives. This isn’t just about missing out on having a baby, it’s potentially never seeing your toddler walk, never doing a school drop off, having no one to have Christmas lunch with, no one to visit you in the retirement village when you’re grey and old.

For many, IVF is the ONLY option to have a family, so expecting people to ‘just try naturally’ during this time is misinformed and offensive. 

As detailed in a petition from 2020 when this is exact situation arose - “Treating a pregnant woman is not the same as treating a COVID19 patient.  The resources used are not shared.  IVF should not be put in the same category as those with elective surgery.  There are many private clinics which can continue to practice IVF without any stress or strain placed on medical resources and in fact will continue to keep our economy and spirits alive. Our fertility specialists should be empowered to act and continue IVF treatments at their discretion.” - IVFGOTTHIS

By signing this petition, you’re helping to remind the Authorities that we IVF warriors are many. Show them that we will not sit by and allow this to put a pause on achieving something we’ve worked so hard for. 

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 139,635 supporters!

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