Reassess the stage BEAUTY gets to open in Melbourne! we should be along side HAIR!!!!


Reassess the stage BEAUTY gets to open in Melbourne! we should be along side HAIR!!!!

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Tylar-ann Pearl started this petition to Daniel Andrews (Premier of Victoria) and

We are wanting to start a petition to have the beauty industry re-opened along side hair in the proposed third step! 

I think its fair to speak on behalf of all the members of the beauty industry regarding this matter, OUR industry has always been known as " HAIR AND BEAUTY" 

We share the same award, we share the same hygiene standards so why don't we share the same OPENING date! 

The health & safety rules have always been in place for our industry to operate we need to be council approved, have insurance and follow a strict level of Hygiene 

Speaking on behalf of myself all my items are disposable those that aren't go through multiple steps of sterilising and disinfecting, my bed and hard surfaces are completely wiped down with hospital grade disinfectant. 

Before we were closed majority if not all were already wearing face masks and has been a common practice for YEARS! 

We always wash and sanitise our hands and do so between EVERY CLIENTS.

With the proposed opening for beauty being mid November, if that even goes ahead, will put us at 8 months closed for business! 8 months of people struggling, shop owners struggling to pay their rent, pay their bills and feed their families 

Being a hands on service provider there is only so much "retail" we can do. We don't have the option to have take away coffee or food to try and stay afloat.

For myself I'm in a sense lucky, lucky I don't have a shop front to pay extra rent on, lucky its only my mouth to feed and I'm STRUGGLING, I've defaulted on loans, been behind on bills and have just made rent. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

My heart is breaking for our beautiful industry and my heart is breaking for ALL our beautiful clients that used our services for more then just some BEAUTY TREATMENTS. We are THERAPISTS. We are our ears to our beautiful clients its more for them then the just a surface appearance.

If you’re a client signing this please share what BEAUTY means to you. 


This petition made change with 4,571 supporters!

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