Fight for Justice

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My baby was killed by his father. Now, his father is trying to lessen his measly 9 year sentence by appealing the Judge’s ruling.

The justice system needs to change. Child homicide MUST incur a more hefty sentence. The loss and grief felt by the victims lasts a lifetime, yet the offenders have such a small, insignificant time in prison. No amount of time would ever be “enough” but nine years is insignificant in a lifetime and unjust. 

Offender must be held to account for his actions and made an example of. A person found guilty of killing a defenseless, innocent baby deserves a longer, more significant time in prison. 

My baby boy’s life was fatally cut short. Why should his father be able to rejoin society after such a short amount of time after killing, lying about it and ruining many lives. It may even be less than nine years, as he is intending to appeal the sentence. This a joke something that needs to be thrown out of court.

Please support myself and my family as we prepare to fight for justice and hopefully make a change in the disgraceful, disrespectful sentencing that is awarded to these child homicide offenders.