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Stop your effort to defund and eliminate Oklahoma A.P. Courses

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Rep. Fisher and Rep. Kern, 

As a product of Tulsa Public Schools and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, I urge you to vote no on your own legislation, HB1380, and end your effort to eliminate the availability of AP courses in Oklahoma Public Schools. I hate that I have to spell this out for our legislature but-- Advanced Placement courses are essential for young Oklahomans who want a higher caliber education and will likely attend university. I entered my freshman year at Oklahoma State with nearly my entire first year of coursework completed thanks in part to AP courses offered by my high school. I was far enough along in my college studies when I began paying tuition at Oklahoma State that I could have graduated in three years (with my History degree, no less), but elected to stay a fourth and complete another Bachelor of Art in Spanish.

You will be doing nothing but a disservice to the people you were elected to serve by eliminating the funding for AP History and possibly the entire program in attempting to align it with Common Core. I shudder to think of the future my children will have in a state that does not value making the path to college success easier, but would rather ruffle feathers in a show of bravado against the federal government and a disconcerting association with groups like the Black Robe Regiment which attempt to eliminate the boundary between church and state. Ironically, my AP Government class taught me about the Bill of Rights and how beautifully designed our Constitution is regarding such matters; while my AP History course taught me about the Treaty of Tripoli and how EXCEPTIONAL America is, especially when our leaders have the soundness of mind to actually lead and to keep their religion from meddling in their service to the public. 

Perhaps the real fear is a more enlightened, engaged, and democratic citizenry as a result of the critical thinking skills formed in AP courses, rather than the curriculum itself. I implore you to show bravery, not bravado, and face your fear by keeping AP courses in Oklahoma Public schools.

Most Sincerely,

Leslie Briggs, former AP student

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