Barry Cowen to be dismissed from his new position of Minister for Agriculture in Ireland.

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Barry Cowen was sadly made Minister for Agriculture in Ireland on the 27th of June 2020.

How it is possible that a man who was a paid Manager of a greyhound stadium and who personally spoke about Boland Puppy Farm with a positive spin can be made a minister for the very animals he betrays.

We in rescue all across the Emerald Isle ask that he be dismissed from this position with immediate affect. His former employment let alone his "friends" in the puppy farming industry who are currently without a licence and still trading make it a complete conflict of interest, one that will not be accepted by the 1000s of animal lovers across the country.

Please let the New Government know that this is unacceptable and the People of Ireland say No. We voted for change, not for this and will not accept this in this day and age. Going 5 steps backwards.