Petition Closed

We need yo unite together and demand that worthless spending in the united state is cut down. 

1. close all forgein military bases

2 end all foreign campaign 

3. bring home all our troops. 

4. close down all US embasiess in dangerous region to save money and our people

5. pay cut for members  of the Houses and Senate

6. stop use of special interest give people back to the people. we who vote should have the power

7. created a "We The People" indinity and use the money generate from above saving to buy companies and use it resources to fund  humen services

8. buy all pay day loan bussiness, or some of them

9. buy oil companies

10. use our own oil. stop our depenency on forgien oil.


Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
We The People of the United states are uniting again to express dismal with our current national debt. We have a few sugguest to help alliavate our nation fiscal crisis.

The Government should own and operate all payday loans places. These places will help create extra revenue without rasing taxes and offer affordable payday loans for people to used.

we should close down all of our foreign military baese that are operating in nation that we have poor relationship with. This action will show that we are not their to control and show respect.

Thank you