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The street dogs in India don't have the best life. They sleep on the roads and barely get food. Of course, some kind people care for them. People think that because they are born on the street, they can survive. But, people forget that dogs have feelings, they have needs and most importantly they need love.  Street dogs are mistreated. People poison them, throw stones and them and even end up killing them. 

Just today, in my area, a car drove and parked over a street dog. The poor dog was yelping in pain for almost 3 minutes. After we got him from under the car, he was bleeding from his mouth and leg. He is in pain and we are doing our best to keep him safe. A few months ago, the same thing happened, only worse. The poor dog could not survive his injuries and passed away that day. These are only the incidents I know of. I am sure that there are several other instances where the dog has been injured. My only goal is to keep them safe. 

We can make a change . Putting up no parking signs in front of shops where the dogs sleep or even a " be careful while parking. Dogs are sleeping here " sign. 

Please help me by signing this petition. We must and have to save the dogs. 

thank you.