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PLEASE HELP SHUT DOWN PUPPY KISSES OF DANBURY! Parvo puppy has come in contact with several puppies and they REFUSE to test them for parvo! 

Bought a puppy this past Tuesday, it passed away sunday morning from PARVO-a highly contagious and potentially fatal virus in dogs.
I only had my puppy, Frankie, for not even two full days before having to hospitalize him for PARVO. Woke up in the middle of the night on day 2 of having him to him violently throwing up and diarrhea everywhere. Rushed him to 24 hour VCA animal hospital in Shelton where they diagnosed him with PARVO. They told me how sick he was and gave me 3 choices: admit him there with an estimate MINIMUM of $4,000 (which I don’t have & Puppy Kisses would only refund up to how much I paid for my puppy which wouldn’t even cover 1/4th of the costs), give him fluids and take him home until I can take him to Plumtree Vet in Danbury (which was the vet listed in the warranty that Puppy Kisses would cover his costs while being there) which was $600, or put him down. I paid the $600 for his fluids. He barely got through the night before admitting him to Plumtree in the morning. After admitting him, the vet would not give updates to me at all. I had to go through the unreliable and untrustworthy pet store for his updates. They told me everyday he was doing “good” and making progress. Then all of a sudden this morning, I get a call saying he suddenly got a bacterial infection this morning and passed away. Stephanie was not sympathetic at all. She said they will NOT test their other puppies for PARVO unless they show symptoms. PARVO is highly contagious and my puppy was playing on the floor with SEVERAL other puppies in there the day I brought him home. He also had a roommate. I asked if they were going to call the owners of who brought the roommate and inform them and Christine couldn’t give me an answer. If they cared about their puppies like they say they do, they would pay to have them tested. Stephanie offered to “exchange” my dog or issue a store credit. I told her she needs to contact the owners to figure out some other type of accommodation because I don’t want another one of their sick puppies! Minutes later she called back offering a full refund. I told her I would be there within two hours for my refund, she conveniently wasn’t there when I showed up. So I dealt with Christine, who sold me the dog. She was swearing at me and telling me I don’t have to get “fresh”. Like excuse me my dog just died. I will feel however I want to feel. The worst and most suspicious thing about his passing is that they didn’t even offer me to see him to say goodbye. I think Plumtree is just a business partner to Puppy Kisses. Because supposedly Plumtree goes and inspects these puppies every week. However they’re clearly failing to care for them properly. Because there’s other dogs in there displaying the same symptoms as Frankie and nothing is being done. Puppy Kisses used to be called American Breeders, same location, same phone number. It was shut down due to failure to provide proper care to its animals. The supposed “previous” owner had been arrested several times over the course of several years. I believe the owner is still the same possibly operating under another identity because they refused to give me any information on the owners and also the phone number is the same. If there are new owners, which is definitely possible, I would really appreciate if they would create more action when it comes to taking care of these puppies because there was puppies coughing like Frankie and laying next to similar diarrhea. And apparently parvo has very distinct diarrhea. So they WERE showing symptoms. If the owners are new people, it’s sad that there is once again, sick animals being sold at this location. Plumtree vet worked at this location years ago “checking in” on the dogs weekly before they had been shut down. They still work with the petstore knowing the puppies are being sick and neglected. Which is why I think they are just business partners. Because why would this vet associate themselves with a store that has been shut down for abuse and neglect, even after supposedly changing owners? Something just doesn’t add up. I’m wholeheartedly not trying to bash anyone here. But this situation is clearly suspicious. Something shady is going on. & it’s incredibly unfortunate that my puppy had to die to bring awareness to the location again. I have to get a lawyer for get refunded for my VCA bill which they won’t reimburse me for. There was other puppies in there displaying the same symptoms Frankie had. I would also not recommend Plumtree Vet. They say they visit these puppies weekly however don’t treat them. There’s a Great Dane in there with a heart murmur. They removed Frankies pic from their Facebook and war to act like he never existed. The whole place is just a disaster area. I don’t know how they’re not shut down. But I am pursuing all options to save those other sick puppies in honor of Frankie. I can supply pictures as well. The vet refuses to release the medical records of my dog so I can see his treatment and will not tell me where his body is. They did know give me an option to say goodbye or ask if I want his ashes. This pet store has been shut down before. They also called the cops on me and said I was trespassing today meanwhile I was at work all day and have proof. They are slanderizing me. I’ve contacted PETA, lawyers, news channel 8, news channel 12, the Danbury police dept, state animal control, USDA, filing reports wherever I can. But please help me bring awareness before more puppies die of illness and neglect and save more families from heartache. I got this dog as a therapy pet. Didn’t even have him for one full day before having to admit him. He didn’t even turn three months old before passing. He never saw the sunlight. In my opinion, He didn’t receive the care he needed to survive. Please help me bring justice for Frankie. He needs a voice. Please help.


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own based off of my experiences. Plumtree and Puppy Kisses have not been found guilty of any crimes. The information in this petition is what is happening to me, what I’ve observed, and my opinions. There are supporting reviews about Puppy Kisses from other people you can view on google, yelp, and Facebook. I believe there is also a Facebook group/page dedicated to shutting this pet store down. Also, thank you to everyone suggesting to me who I should contact in regards to the concerns. I have contacted all possible authorities and media outlets. & thank you to everyone who is signing and sharing. It’s unfortunate that this was something that had to be learned the hard way for myself. But I appreciate everyone helping bring awareness to the issues. 


UPDATE: 5/23/18 Dr. Baff of Plumtrees just called me. He seemed genuinely sympathetic and caring. He informed me what happened to my little Nugget, he wasn’t eating like Stephanie told me he was. & he passed Saturday from an upper respiratory infection not on Sunday from a bacterial infection like Stephanie told me. He is calling puppy kisses to advocate for me to get his ashes back. I understand he can’t do anything legally and he’s hearing two sides of a story. But I told him how Puppy Kisses was treating me, about them slandering me, and making this process harder than it should. & he is very sorry. I don’t trust anybody but I appreciate his kindness and information �� He was just following the law by giving the updates to the pet store. It’s not his fault they lied to me about Frankie.