Rape Victim Receives Cruel Treatment From School Administration

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A freshman at Hershey High School, was raped in the beginning of October. After fear of reactions and different stigmas associated with sexual assault, she chose to stay quiet for two months. Eventually the pain and loneliness became too overwhelming and confining, so she confided in a Hershey teacher she trusted. The school was made aware, and an investigation was opened.

has also been struggling from stress-induced seizures since August. This has become an issue at school with her having up to three seizures per day. Administration has been persistent with informing her that she is being an inconvenience- to the point where has had panic attacks at school believing the teacher she confided in “hates” her. has had several seizures in front of this teacher. It is important to note, that has repeatedly had seizures in front of other teachers, and in other areas of the school. Also, happens to have this teacher for multiple classes (approximately 2hr 30min), so it is very likely that it could be a coincidence that the seizures are occurring around her. However, the school has decided that this teacher is her “trigger” for her seizures. The school also made a point that the teacher may be feeling overwhelmed, but this teacher has made it clear to multiple times that she WANTS to help. This teacher has repeatedly said that is NOT a burden for her. 

The school has decided to remove from the classes she has with this teacher. and this teacher are not allowed to be in the same vicinity, or speak with each other. For example, would eat lunch in the library while this teacher was monitoring. They’ve decided to switch the teacher to an entirely different area because of . And when  ate lunch in that area one day (for a reason that had nothing to do with the teacher), she was later scolded (may I point out that this lunch incident occurred before was even made aware of the new accommodations). The school has been made aware of the fact that does not see her as a trigger, and that  entire team of doctors believe this is the wrong step. The school claims to not care and continues to be stubborn.

This teacher has continued to be a major support for . Taking these unreasonable steps has only created more anxiety for . To the point where she has had several panic attacks, and her friends, including me, have had trouble calming her down. They are taking away the one support that has consistently helped feel supported and less alone. They are taking away the one support that has unconditionally listened and believed her. They are taking away the one support that has told her how much worth she has when she has felt like she’d be be better off dead. They are taking away the support that has saved her life. 

Schools all over America claim that teachers and administration are not only there to provide an education, but to also be a resource for these situations. Teachers and faculty repeatedly inform students to come to them when in need. This situation is contradicting all of that. All they are doing, is telling that she should have stayed quiet and kept the rape to herself. They’re being extremely hypocritical, and fueling the ongoing problem of women being too afraid to come forward.

As one of closest friends, I am asking you, for the sake of her and other people experiencing similar situations, to please sign this petition. So we, as a strong student body and community, can show the school how wrong they are handling this. To show them how much hurt and damage they are causing.

Please share this link to your friends, family, teachers, social media, etc.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, one of her closest friends