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Justice for Christopher Kapessa

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Christopher Kapessa was a 13-year-old schoolboy who was drowned in River Cynon. At the time he was with a group of 14 young boys.

Initially, police told his mother that he had slipped into the river. Within 24 hours, it was concluded that there were no suspicious circumstances and that his death was a tragic accident.

But serious concerns about the investigation were raised by Christopher’s mother. The family became concerned when only 4 out of the 14 boys present were initially interviewed by police.

The CPS have since said, despite there being 'sufficient evidence', there is no 'public interest' to move forward with a 'manslaughter' case. In a letter to the family, the CPS said there was clear evidence of Christopher being pushed into the river, however, they deemed that this was not in an effort to harm anyone, rather it was 'ill-considered'. In this letter, they also describe the schoolboy suspected of drowning Christopher, as 'mature and intelligent' with a 'good school record'.

The case has had no further prosecutions or convictions and the family are demanding a public inquiry into the death of Christopher Kapessa. Sign this petition to get justice for Christopher Kapessa.

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