Olmsted and Vaux - Historic View Threatened #brooklynmirador

Olmsted and Vaux - Historic View Threatened #brooklynmirador

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Why this petition matters

Started by Richard Kessler

Building 6 in Atlantic Yards, at 219' will block the visual corridor that Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux planned more than 150 years ago.  This view is a 5.25 mile work of ART created by our most civilizing forces.

While the Arch is shrouded for
renovation over the next two years,
Building 6 will rise to eclipse this view, the
Crown Jewel of the Prospect Park masterpiece.

After ceding control of Central Park to their detractors,
Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux
created THEIR own park ... the BROOKLYN PARK ...
First they built the PLAZA ... and defined its AXIS
 --- the essential element of this 'far view.' 

They created Prospect Park to serve the many Brooklyn
generations of the future. But first, they planned this view
along the Plaza's axis for our grand-children's grand-children.
Their focus was on the few anti-Democracy elements among the
wealthiest class in American society, THOSE ABOVE THE LAW.

“It is the sole duty of government to provide means of
protection for all its citizens in the pursuit of happiness
against the obstacles which the selfishness of individuals
or combinations of individuals is liable to interpose to that pursuit.”
Olmsted, August 1865

They created this view as a work-in-progress which would, at the appropriate time, evoke its history to share their concern of an emerging European-style wealth-based, privileged class in America, the Point-Zero-One Percent. 

In October 1869, 20 years before the Arch, the first statue
dedicated to Abraham Lincoln was unveiled on the axis of
the Plaza, facing the site of the future Empire State Building.
4 months later, Olmsted stated at Boston's Lowell Institute
that a park should be planned “with constant consideration of
exterior objects, some of them quite at a distance and even
existing as yet only in the imagination of the painter.” 

We all have benefited from their parks.  We should trust their intentions and respect their art, and consider signing this petition to preserve the artists' beautiful and historic visual corridor.

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430 have signed. Let’s get to 100,000!