Give "Space Jam" (1996) the Criterion treatment

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Space Jam is a timeless piece of cinema that deserves to be formally recognized as an important classic. Adding this film to the Criterion repertoire would uphold Criterion's mandate of appreciating the art of cinema.
Featuring the unparalleled talent of former NBA superstar, Michael Jordan, with appearances by the infamous Monstars, Tune Squad, and the one and only Charles Barkley - Space Jam is truly a gem. Your collection will only benefit from this decision.

Space Jam isn’t just the story of one man’s struggle to win a basketball game, it’s the struggle of a group of individuals fighting against an oppressor. Space Jam’s underdog story is one that can inspire us all - sometimes you need to retire from your incredibly successful basketball career to pursue a career in baseball defined by mediocrity only to be called back to play the basketball game of your life. At the time of its release, Space Jam was a blockbuster hit, grossing over $230 million worldwide. Millions of children have grown up watching Space Jam, and now it’s time for us to have a quality DVD/Blu Ray we can share with our children.

Suggestions for supplementary content include: commentary by Michael Jordan, interviews with the cast (perhaps a "Where Are They Now?" featurette" ), a full soundtrack including the works of R.Kelly, scholarly essays about the film written by University of Toronto Cinema Studies students Niroja and Paige.