Crisis support for all Australian residents, Temporary Visa/not, we're all in it together

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Untill the normal life is not a luxury, giving hugs is not a dream and going to work isn't forbidden.

But for now

Thousands of dreams,

Thousands of hopes,

Thousands of goals,
are in distress or been vanished in the matter of weeks, days or hours.

From 500 people events limit to just not even a backyard celebration, it only took us a week.
How long would it take for us not to be on self quarantine as so many of us just started to do so, do we know, honestly, NO we don't.

We set up this petition to make an awareness about the group of people living among us, as our neighbour, friend, bus driver, uber driver, supermarket cashier, uni student and classmates...


That they are in a deeper uncertainty.
They are not permanent residents, but they worked hard and paid taxes, like we all do. They are skilled Visa migrants, graduate visa holders, business visas and so many more visas to name a few.

They paid for their insurances to keep their family well settled in which they're not entitled to the Medicare and Centrelink supports.
They paid rent, GST, Child care fees, petrol, gas and electricity like anyone of us.
They Did and will do whatever is needed to comply with the rules of our great community.But nowadays, there are hundreds not thousands of them job-less, with the fear of how to save for the next rent, not to mention the next food shopping, and how to prioritise the necessities that we might take for granted.

Please join forces to ask for the people who weren't asking if it wasn't this hard;
✓ Rent subsides
✓ Medicare periodically access (predicted 6 crisis months)
✓ Hospital cover
✓ Weekly food and essentials support (our non-for-profits don't have funds for this many)
✓ Gas and electricity bills support & benefits (cold months are coming)

489 - Skilled Visa
408 - Supporting Innovation South Australia
188 - Business Visa
500 - Student Visa
476 - Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa
820 - Partner visa (temporary)
485 - Post Study Work stream - Temporary Graduate visa
Bridging Visa A

And so many unknown visas to us that won't receive benefits in this time could be included too if you let us know.
We are all in this together.

We hope they can have access to whatever there's for any family as citizens and permanent residents so they can bring up the next generation at ease.

How aggressive and untreatable this virus is but at the same time, this is a REFLECTIVE VIRUS that keep teaching us to care for one another in any way we can and pick up the paste for our community as much as we can, to put others like elderies before ourselves, and go easy on other rushed activities we didn't think could stop for a while so we can enjoy the smile on our own face, then our loved ones for having our true presence.

Some might say, so what! they could've saved up for future, some would say we have to take care of our own, and some would say we are glad to join forces to help.

I am talking to the third group now and I hope in the near future when the virus' impact and lesson is well taken in, the others would follow too as we are all in it together and having access to shelter, food and health are every humans' right so let's do our Australian social obligation.

These ones in mention here, have the right to live and work in Australia as the temporary residents.

These migrants are the backbone to our economy, they brought money as businesses, kept tourism and airforce busier and our universities, mostly well achieved academics, but never feared to go and do whatever job is available at their starts so we could have a well balanced occupation market.

Also to mention lots of new food and festivities and great friendships and cross cultural understandings too is the result of our beautiful multicultural community.

Just imagine when we're enchanting Oi, Oi, Oi, the excitements and fulfilment is inexpressible, the proudness is felt in every bone and every blood cell pupmed out the heart, do you want all of us share the the same feeling and joy with them???
So now is the time.

I believe after this given sence of belonging, they will be trying their most hardest to be enchanting Oi, Oi Oi with us in couple of years too and become a well achieved member of Australian community.

Thank you so much for taking part in a life changing movement.

You are an outstanding human being.

Ellie Moazen, Malihe S
Adelaide, south Australia