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Create Scam Education and Awareness Programs and Laws that Protect Consumers

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Victims turned Advocates from and are joining forces to bring attention to consumer protection issues.

The Consumer Federation of America released the results of a survey in May 2009 which relates directly to information we at Scam Victims United work to educate people about.  They found that fifty-nine percent of the respondents incorrectly believe that when you deposit a check or money order, your bank confirms that it is good before allowing you to withdraw the money. The number goes up to 70 percent among young adults age 18-24, and 71 percent of people with incomes under $25,000 and who did not complete high school. More than 40 percent of those surveyed do not know that they are liable if the checks or money orders they deposit or cash are counterfeit. Fifty-two percent age 18-24 and half of Hispanics incorrectly said the person who gave you the check must pay the bank back.  This is precisely the type of information that we at Scam Victims United work to educate people about.

As you can see by the results of this survey, there is a great need for education in the area of banking terminology and the check clearing process.  One of the major reasons that counterfeit cashier's check scams work so well is that when a bank customer hears the terms "the check is clear" or that it will be "verified in 24 hours" it gives them a false sense of security that the check is legitimate and that they can use the money with no repercussions.

We would like to launch a Scam Education and Awareness Program across the country.  The areas of service for this project would include, but are not limited to:  schools, community centers, social networking sites, financial institutions and businesses.  Since education is the key to fighting scams, this program would include the development of educational videos, speakers/presentations and informational literature, all which could be utilized in the school system as a part of lesson plans, or made available at community centers and libraries.  We feel that bringing this information into the school systems is vitally important since educating the next generation about scams gives them the tools they need to better protect themselves.

Scam Education and awareness programs will help to protect the consumers from con-artists and scammers, and help to boost our economy by ensuring that the American public has the knowledge and tools that they need to keep their hard earned money in their own hands, and not have it go to another country in internet scams.

The other way to protect consumers is to pass laws that close the loopholes that scammers use to carry out their crimes.  MN Bill HF0343 is a step in the right direction to changing the laws to better protect consumers.  This Bill needs to be passed into law in Minnesota and then across the country.

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