Create A Federal Law To Place Mandatory Cameras For Individuals Caring For Developmentally Disabled and The Elderly!

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The facts are simple. Having cameras present protects not only the residents and/or consumers, but the staff as well.
If we can be filmed on the streets of New York and elsewhere in this country WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION, how can it be possible that these insitutions, group homes, and bus companies be permitted to NOT have cameras?
There is no excuse for the neglect and abuse that is put upon people who cannot fend for themselves.
I strongly propose that a law be put into effect to protect the most vulnerable of all.

Please sign this petition because  the time has come for us to do what our politicians are elected to the voice of the people! I don't know of one parent who wouldn't protect his or her disabled child this way, due to his or her "civil rights". This is hogwash and a lame excuse as to why cameras aren't currently being used.
The same thing for the children of elderly parents, or the elderly who are in these places.
We need to stand up and fight for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Abuse is prevalent, and some people are untrained or unfit to have these jobs.
With the numbers of potential adults increasing that will need these services the time to create this law is NOW!