Create a Constitutional Amendment to Protect Women's Rights.

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State after state is passing archaic attacks against women.  It is a woman’s right to choose what happens with her own body. We are tired of the lies and hypocrisy surrounding abortion that Republicans spew to further their political agendas. They claim to care about the sanctity of life, but ignore the needs of living children. They claim to care about the sanctity of life, but tell their mistresses to abort their unplanned pregnancies. They would put a woman or her doctor in prison for aborting a 6-week old embryo because they believe it is already a human being worthy of rights - but they don’t extend adult women the same rights. It's time for the lies to stop.  

We want to empower both women AND men to keep our democracy alive and allow women to control their own bodies. We must ALL stand up for women’s rights. And we are ready to put an end to this argument by fighting for a new law to reverse the ban on federal funding for abortion services, a new law to protect women’s access to abortion, and most powerfully, a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to protect woman’s right to choose - forever. Let's protect women the same way we protect guns. Please sign this petition and share it with your friends. 

My name is Ben Gleib, I am a candidate for President of the United States, and I have the strongest proposal to protect women’s rights of any male candidate running because it is important that men stand up strongly for women. I am not a career politician or greedy millionaire; I am a comedian who realizes we are living in very serious times. I’m a hard working American citizen who realizes we need people in office who share the concerns of people living in the real world, not just on paper but in practice. I am running to take back our democracy starting with stopping Donald Trump, using the skills only a comedian has. But the powers that be have built financial walls to stop regular people like you and me from having a voice in our government and defending our rights. We need 65,000 donations to qualify for the first presidential debates. Please donate what you can - even just $1 will get me there. And if I do, I promise to fight with all I’ve got to protect a woman’s right to choose. 

Thank you for supporting women everywhere.  Because, newsflash, women are people.