No Sky Rail for Frankston Line

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No Sky Rail for Frankston Line

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Sonya Kilkenny MP

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Carrum & Patterson Lakes Forum acts in a capacity to give residents a voice. Below is a summary of these comments, which have been made surrounding the strong likelihood that the “skyrail” be proposed for the Frankston Line.

If you are a resident seeking an alternative to the skyrail then please sign the petition.


The most invasive option

Concrete monstrosity not compliant with the character of small beachside towns, and the concrete structure once complete with overhead wires may well reach in excess of 4-stories

Potential negative consequences for property values, considering the overshadowing of backyards and blocking of bay views

Noise and ground vibration to travel further creating environmental carnage, when compared to an underground solution

Potential place for anti-social activity to occur


That creates a ‘seaside boulevard’

Relocation of stations in conjunction with an underground solution, or improvements to arterials to improve Nepean Highway traffic

Underground rail networks and roads have been implemented locally at Safety Beach, Melbourne and across the globe. The water table is no excuse and raised rail does not always equate to a more cost-effective solution

The argument that space is better used for a raised option is false; an underground option leaves arguably more opportunities for value capture and increased parking


Kingston City Council: February 18 at the Carrum SLSC at 6pm

Level Crossing Removal Authority:

March 2 at the Cheltenham Library and Community Centre at 5pm
March 19 at the Cheltenham Library and Community Centre at 10am
March 5 at the Carrum Bowling Club at 9.30am
March 17 at the Carrum Bowling Club at 4pm
March 3 at Mentone Primary at 3.30pm
March 10 at Longbeach RSL at 5pm


Petition Closed

This petition had 629 supporters

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