Cannabis Production Issues Within St. Catharines

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Dear Neighbor,

It has come to our attention that local greenhouse operations are in the process of selling their facilities. It is also our understanding that the intended future use of these facilities is to be for the purpose of growing cannabis crops. 

As you may be aware, the problems that surround production of this crop are many.  The greatest problem that comes with a growing facility is the smell. We know of many beautiful homes and neighborhoods that have been ruined by the development of growing facilities in close proximity to residential areas. There are also other issues such as dealing with the crime and extra security needed to deal with this unique business.  

The devaluing of neighboring properties is a major concern. If your residence happens to be next to one of these facilities, your home value will be dramatically reduced.

We are familiar with the greenhouse industry within this city. There are good regulations in place to govern the building and operations of greenhouses. However, these regulations were based on greenhouses used to produce vegetable and floral crops. Cannabis is a different crop which is going to require different policy and regulation. There are regulations in place currently which allow for the operation of cannabis growing facilities on agricultural land. It is our experience that these regulations do not adequately address our concerns.

We ask that you give this matter serious consideration. If you are willing, you could contact our city councilors and mayor to plead that they do not allow the future establishment of growing facilities within the city on agricultural land until clear and proper guidelines protecting all of our properties is in place. Your Port Dalhousie ward councilors are:

We would like to send out a petition to address our concerns regarding this. If you are willing to support this effort, please sign the online petition as soon as possible. 

We will forward this on to our City on your behalf. Once again we encourage you to contact our city regarding this issue.

Thank you,

Concerned Citizens of St. Catharines


As a citizen of St. Catharines, I ask that our City would stop the allowance of cannabis growing facilities within our agricultural lands until by-laws are in place to properly protect neighboring residences addressing the concerns mentioned in this document.