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Cox Media: Get Cowhead off of the radio airwaves.

If you are a lover of the American Pit Bull Terrier or are against Breed Specific Legislation, please take a moment to read this petition. Remember, someday Breed Specific Legislation could leave you saying goodbye to your favorite furry member of your family. Cowhead is a radio DJ in the Tampa, FL area who claims that his show has little boundaries and it allows him to express how he feels. On multiple occasions he has described horrible acts of violence that he would like to happen to pit bulls. There is documentation of one such occurrence during an interview with Linda Blair in which he says, "Find me an Olympic-size swimming pool. In it, put Linda Blair and then every pit bull, half -pit, bring that little frickin’ midget with the hat from the TV show, douse them with gasoline, throw in all the copies of this stupid Exorcist movie - this is what I think of your stupid movie. Throw them all in there and then set them on fire…and I want all of their little doggy heads to be spinning around as it goes down." Contrary to what he has claimed on a public forum, he never states that he isn't serious about what he says on the air. When confronted about his statements made on the air, he replied to one listener with "if it makes you feel better, I wish you would die and they would live." Is this the kind of man we want on the radio? If you want to put an end to the violence that he seems to condone, please sign this petition to get Cowhead off of the air. Let's stand up and tell Cox Media that this is unacceptable.

Please also see this petition to get an apology for the things Cowhead has said on the air at

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