Apologize for hateful speech comments made by Cowhead
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Apologize for hateful speech comments made by Cowhead

    1. Kristen Villeneuve
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      Kristen Villeneuve

      Lewisville, TX

***Also see petition at https://www.change.org/petitions/cox-media-get-cowhead-off-of-the-radio-airwaves****

On Friday, July 6th at 3:30pm, a radio “personality” known as Cowhead, on 102.5 The Bone, in Tampa, FL, stated that “all pit bulls should die” during a live interview with Linda Blair, who starred in the ‘Exorcist’ and who runs an animal sanctuary called the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation.

Here is a transcription of his statements: After he calls Linda Blair a ‘retard,’ he goes on to say: ‘Find me an Olympic-size swimming pool. In it, put Linda Blair and then every pit bull, half -pit, bring that little frickin’ midget with the hat from the TV show, douse them with gasoline, throw in all the copies of this stupid Exorcist movie - this is what I think of your stupid movie. Throw them all in there and then set them on fire…and I want all of their little doggy heads to be spinning around as it goes down.’ He then goes on to say in regards to Linda Blair, ‘I hope a pit bull bites you on your private parts, you whore.’ This rant of his was a result of Linda Blair hanging up on him after he stated that children are mauled on a weekly basis by pit bulls. You may visit the Cowhead website (www.cowheadradio.com) to listen to the segment yourself.

Shorty Rossi, the star of ‘Pit Boss’ on Animal Plane has devoted his life to the cause of pit bulls and educating about Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). The ‘little frickin’ midget with the hat from the TV show’ that Cowhead refers to is Shorty Rossi.

What are we requesting? A listener boycott of all Cox stations nationwide - and their advertisers - until Cowhead publicly addresses and apologizes for his statements perpetuating hate and violence.

What can you do? Contact the people below and POLITELY tell them that you are disappointed that they allow hate-language on their station. The key with an email/phone campaign is to be reasonable, logical and polite. Those who call and yell or threaten are ineffective. You may also contact Tampa’s 102.5FM directly and share your feelings. Working together, we can all make a difference standing up for the innocent. If you have friends or family in Cox markets (Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area, Reno (NV), Honolulu, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, El Paso, Birmingham (AL), Atlanta, Athens (GA), Charlotte (NC), Greenville (SC), Connecticut, Long Island, Pittsburg, Steubenville (OH), Johnstown (PA), Louisville (KY), Tulsa (OK), Jacksonville (FL), Orlando, Palm Beach (FL), Miami (FL), PLEASE share this with them!

For Tampa’s 102.5FM: (727) 579-2000

Keith Lawless, Vice President & Market Manager: Lawless@theboneonline.com
Michael Sharkey, Program Director: Michael.Sharkey@coxinc.com
Jodi Rainey, National Sales Manager: Jodi.Rainey@coxinc.com
Jason Meder, General Sales Manager Jason.Meder@coxinc.com

Here are the Cox Radio Tampa Bay-area stations to boycott:
WXGL-FM - 107.3 The Eagle
WDUV-FM - 105.5 The Dove
WHPT-FM - 102.5 The Bone
WPOI-FM - Hot 101.5
WWRM-FM - Magic 94.9

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    • Erika Baurick FAIRBANKS, AK
      • over 1 year ago

      The picture of the white pit bull is so adorable. The dog is very affectionate, friendly and so kind. Love the precious dog.

    • Juan Carlos Suarez O.O, COLOMBIA
      • over 1 year ago


    • Anne Way SCOTTSDALE, AZ
      • over 1 year ago

      This was rude, and unthinking - cruelty to people and animals it not allowed. I use Cox but am rethinking if this retard is allowed to say on.

    • Thania Coutinho WINTERS, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      because i love pets

    • Jan Heath TEMECULA, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      Nobody should be allowed to say such things about anyone on public radio nor to remain in their job!


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