Demolish the Cleveland County Gas Chamber

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Humane sheltering is moving away from mass killing as an acceptable method of dog and cat population control.

The kill-approach perpetuates a cycle of killing, as the focus and resource- allocation is aimed at killing, instead of developing effective and humane solutions to the basic problems that result in animals entering shelters..  to focus on education of owners, animal retention help , spay/ neuter assistance, foster, and adoption.

 It takes a regressive and entrenched system and deliberate avoidance of known life-saving strategies to maintain and rationalize a process of cruel killing, in which treatable and adoptable dogs and cats are killed instead of re-homed or, in the case of free-roaming cats, returned to their habitat.. 

No community has ever created an animal welfare agency for the purpose of mass killing of dogs and cats.. and yet in many communities, animal shelters have been hijacked by management and governance boards that refuse to embrace life-saving changes..

CO systems are regressive and cruel .. Use of CO systems commonly involves placing many dogs or cats into the chamber simultaneously.. they do not, as people think, just “pass out” and “go to sleep.”  They thrash, they bark and whine and cry, they foul themselves; they convulse, have seizures and twitch before they die.

In a CO gas chamber it takes several minutes to finish the cycle and to purge the poison from the is revulsion of every sense, and the wrongness of it screams and howls.. No one who witnesses this can come away thinking that this is a “good death” for a dog or a cat.

In short, gas-chambers should never be used..

We request that you immediately stop using, dismantle and remove the carbon monoxide gas chamber in your county’s animal shelter.


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