Cancel NYE Fireworks Australia-Wide & divert funds to Bushfire Appeal and Farmers

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Moreton Bay Area Cancels Fireworks

We talk so much about minimising waste, recycling more, making less emissions, educating ourselves on being “better”... better people, better humans, we are always talking about being safer and smarter, we have new bins, more bins, solar power,  natural gas, carbon offset. But we still have fireworks? In summer. In our “sunburnt” land, which right now is literally burning. 

As a nation, we need to grow up.

Let’s make a real change. No fireworks, at all. We need to focus on our country and it’s people. The money that would be spent on NYE fireworks in 2019 needs to go to supporting the volunteers, families and wildlife that has been, is being and will be impacted by fires & drought.

We life in a wonderful country. Now let’s do our bit to save it.