Protect the Quarry habitat and Community Space.

Protect the Quarry habitat and Community Space.

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Corey David started this petition to Councilor Gary Crawford and

There is a proposed plan to develop what is known as "the quarry lands" or simply the "quarry" by Diamond Kilmer Developments. Councilor Gary Crawford has been facilitating communication between some of the community.

The Quarry is located south of the Danforth rail corridor and North/East of the Gerrard/Victoria Park Intersection at 411 Victoria Park Ave & 2510 Gerrard St E. Over 50 years ago part of it and the surrounding area was a quarry and gravel pit and later a dump. The Victoria park side had a driving range up until a few years ago but since those times almost the entire area has naturalized and once again become a habitat for wild life, foxes, rabbits, snakes a variety of birds and plant life.The Covid-19 Pandemic along with decades of Scientific data have demonstrated the need to protect the environment 

Homeless people have found a place to exist within the quarry area, this proposal will do nothing for them, Only 11% of the proposed units will be 'Affordable" thanks to Habitat for Humanity. This is part of the bigger issue we are facing in the GTA and globally, housing has become a commodity so as people are forced on the street simply do to lack of political will "generous" sections of Public Land/disputed Indigenous Lands are entrusted to profit driven developers who continue to enrich themselves and monopolize housing.

We need Public and cooperative housing, wait lists are overflowing while cost of living especially rents have been increasing primarily enriching the owners and investors. If there is to be any development on the Quarry Lands it should be limit to the former driving range area while protecting the Habitat and community space and that it be public or cooperative to meet human need.

The Plan includes about 1500 units translating into just less than 2000 people to the area  which is already heavily congested during rush hour. Many members of the community already use the area for leisure and though it could use some care it is a beautiful place in our community.

It is our responsibility as members of this community to protect what makes it so great. please sign to work towards blocking this current development proposal.

I'm Corey David I've lived in the birch Cliff area almost my entire life, I work in Scarborough now but I used to work at Sibley group home which is not far from the quarry in East York. If you want to get involved you can reach me at, thank you.

I've copied my Minutes from the last community meeting below.

411 Victoria park and 2510 Gerrard street proposed development

April 26th 6pm

Moderator Joselyn Deeks, land acknowledgement treaty 13, Williams treaty

Gary Crawford - councilor -intro “formerly owned city land”

Mellissa Walker - developments Diamond Kilmer - 3rd proposal

-1052 total units - mixed housing (town houses, up to 12 story building)

-120 affordable - habitat for humanity building some

-932 market units

Buildings would have 1,2 and 3 bedrooms

-Added 4 more units “refining interiors” from previous application

-Public School Board looking to build new school, 650 sq meters

-1 level underground parking, JK to 8

-175 people would replace 9 story market building

Next steps

- middle of this year Scarborough community council

- Site preparation in June 2021

- working with evergreen and Blantyre public schools

Paula Gallo - Evergreen

-Worked with Hyde Cambell

-Principal Tim Sulivam - student engagement in park design ‘inclusive

Students - 4 students assisted by evergreen - talked about inclusion and accessibility.

Answering my question about environmental considerations

Arborists report, environmental reports some perimeter environments will remain and some bird habitats will be protected but most will be destroyed, the park design process leaves room for natural space.

Verbal question:

- March 2014 consultation what role will it play?

Answer: Similar but redesigned from more commercially designed proposals previous.

More consultation ahead.

- Could there be a public pool?

Answer: out of scope at the moment, splash pad possible

- Follow up question Construction worker killed on Gerrard dangerous stretch, signal section? Access from south of Gerrard.

Answer: when commercial property was eliminated, developers felt more park space was an improved design.

Rob Heinz/s also answering, future east development would include driveway that would use signals and slow down road.

Amendment 324 about 

Answering sale of city owned lands and addressing homelessness?

Affordable housing  11% units 14% floor space

Gary Crawford using city properties at warden and other locations for supportive and housing 

11% 3 bedroom 30% approximately 1 and 2 bedroom each

Answering my question about public meeting sign not being posted on the site sign

-Not until this proposal is to be voted on by Scarborough community council will that meeting be posted.

How will contaminated soil be removed and ensure safety of the soil.

Contaminated soil already removed through work with the city.

Question - will we still be able to shut down this proposal or will it go ahead

Answer : Other than runnymede park (central/south section) 

Verbal Question: Mixed use area can be used for anything other than industrial, the current process is what we are going ahead with now and the speaker said it would take a complete reversal of policy by the city

Answer: TRC monitoring water, do not need to further regulate, last summer last communication

Multiple wells across site will be removed 

Question about population with school

Answer : 1900 vs 1600 people approximately

Question : When would school be confirmed or not?

Answer: must secure funding first

More questions can be sent to : 

Gary Crawford - 416-392-4062 -

Don Logie - 416-981-2896

Melissa Walker - 416-814-2676 -

Will go to Scarborough community council for further consultation and decision


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