Save the wildlife at Sweeney Reserve Petrie

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Please help us save the few koalas left in Petrie.

Currently there is an "unofficial" dog offleash area within Sweeney Reserve at Petrie. It is not on Moreton Bay Council's website as a dog offleash site but they turn a blind eye to it and have said they regard it as "unofficial" as it has been this way for 20yrs.

Please note this is a specified koala corridor and has been for... well... how long have koalas been around?

There is no fencing around this space and koalas, wallabies, echidnas and much more wildlife roam into this space. Both koalas and wallabies have been attacked and killed by dogs yearly.

Due to it not having a fence, dogs regularly run out of the space and run at people walking the track and there has been numerous dog attacks due to this.

Council has said they will move the space to somewhere else as there is an extremely massive unused area just a hop, leap and jump away which they can fence off properly and dogs have access to the river etc as well. They have also said they will plant this current space up as a wildlife corridor and even have a map showing this onsite. It is one of the VERY FEW spaces to see koalas in Petrie anymore after the development of the university. This is the preferred option but it is not happening!

Council has instead just installed a dog water fountain in the space, removed one of the signs talking about protection of the koalas and implemented dog poo bags but they have also planted another 2000 plants to attract more wildlife into the space... to be attacked by dogs??

Please sign this petition to tell Council you want to see this dog space moved to another more preferable location and much sooner then later. That you also want to see this area planted as a wildlife corridor to look after our wildlife, especially our koalas after the recent devastation of the fires. Let's protect what we have left!