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Petitioning Costco CEO Jim Sinegal

Costco, just say NO to wholesale ocean destruction


We’ve been pressuring Costco for months—urging them to say no to wholesale ocean destruction. And, it appears that our pressure may be working.  Several of the red list fish have disappeared from the store shelves. Is this a move in the right direction? A clever decoy? Or, merely a seasonal adjustment?

We don’t know—because once again, Costco is hiding the truth and not being transparent. Why are they so afraid of making a public commitment to protecting the oceans?

One thing we know is that the pressure is working—so we need your help once again. Please take action and tell Costco CEO, Jim Sinegal to stand up for the oceans and support positive environmental change.

Letter to
Costco CEO Jim Sinegal
I've noticed that you're potentially making progress towards protecting the oceans. It appears that several red list fish that used to stock store shelves is no longer there.

Is this a move in the right direction or merely a seasonal adjustment?
As a consumer, I care about what's at my Costco. Our oceans deserve better. Costco needs to be a leader in ocean conservation, not a contributor to ocean destruction. I want Costco to have a sustainable seafood policy and stop selling red list seafood.

Your customers want to know the truth. Stop hiding and let your customers make informed decisions about their purchases. I want Costco to have sustainable seafood and transparent labeling for all of us to see.

If you're making a shift in the right direction--then, I urge you to make a public commitment to the oceans and make your stakeholders and customers proud.

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