Protection of a Pacific Swim-way critical to ocean health

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All around the world, the ocean’s health is declining. There are very few marine protected areas in the world, not enough to preserve and keep our ocean’s healthy. There are two critical protected areas in the pacific sea; the Galápagos Islands and Cocos islands of the coast of Costa Rica. Both these areas are a critical refuge for many marine species including endangered species of sharks and turtles.

Despite these protected areas, populations are still declining. This is due to most marine species being migratory species. When these species move from these protected zones they are fished to the brink of extinction. This protected swim-way would protect the waters between these two areas ensuring the protecting of a huge array of marine species and a successful migration. 

Sharks are so important being the apex predator of the oceans. They control almost every fish population. Without them the whole food chain will be thrown into disproportion, affecting the balance of the ocean. Not to mention the other species of turtles and fish that use this swim-way would benefit enormously as well.

Scientist have been camping this and are enforcing its justification by years of research. By signing this petition we will send a clear message to the leaders of Costa Rica and the world that change must happen.

We can hope to achieve three things:

  • An established protected swim-way spanning between Cocos and Galápagos Islands.
  • Increased budget and efforts put into these areas
  • More recognition worldwide on the importance of protecting these unique areas.

Together we can make change!!