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Corrupt Township Officers of Warren, NJ Eviction

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 My name is Thomas Gage and this is my story of the corruption I have encountered that cost me my home.  In 1997 I purchased a home on 4 acres of land in Warren Twp. NJ.  I planned to subdivide the lot to build two other houses to sell.  I applied for the subdivision from the town but never received one.  The town stalled my application for years and even lost it forcing me into negotiations requiring legal representation.  This was a costly endeavor. I tried to sell the land but the town prevented the sales with the restriction of the subdivision.  Eventually, after years of fighting and legal expenses, the Township Committee members and Mr. Coley who had invested in the landsucceeded in their plan to force me into foreclosure, by a fraudulent bank.   

On the land adjacent to mine, a development called Sleepy Hollow was proposed to be built.  Although the developers applied for a subdivision a month after I did they had no problem getting an approval in a timely manner. My subdivision was never granted and even lost because the subdivision of my land would have impacted negatively on their project.  There was a proposed road already in existence. If I were to build on my property, this road would have to be extended through their property allowing them only to build on 16 building lots, rather than 20 lots.  This is something the developer and those with a vested interest in Sleepy Hollow did not want to happen. Below I explain the connections between the Sleepy Hollow Developers, the politicians, and court system.

I have been fighting in both federal and state courts as a Pro-se litigant to bring my case to justice and have my home returned to me.  However, the courts have yet to allow me to submit the criminal evidence I have acquired against the town to a jury nor has anyone investigated any of the wrong doings. This evidence consists of DVDs, CDs, public record, transcripts, subdivisions plans, Warren Twp. ordinances, state court files, Federal court files, lawyers’ correspondence documents, photos and eyewitness. This evidence proves the following facts:

·        What is being built now in the Sleepy Hollow development is not what was qualified to be built by law. It does not comply with the local, state and federal laws

·        Conspiracy in the use of the Township’s property, my property and taxpayers money to finalize the approval of the Sleepy Hollow Development, all of which will benefit Mr. Coley’s land and Giddes Lane development.

·        Unlawfully approved plans for Giddes Lane that have been built today.  

·        A 4-hour of a DVD, fragments of the Warren Twp. Committeemembers meetings, where in one  of those fragments, committeewoman, Mrs. Garafola can clearly be heard saying:

  "The members of the planning board are being intimidated by others of the Board to vote in such a way."  And in another fragment, Mr. Coley explains to the committee members that they will eventually get Mr. Gage's property so that the town will have a nice strip of property. 

·        State and federal Judges violations  of  Article VI, Paragraph-3 and “Title 18 U.S.C. § 4 (misprision of felony)  Concealment of “Crimes”

·        CDs and transcripts that prove actions of fraud, perjury, forgery, breach of trust and dishonesty.

·        Mayer Sordillo, not only had interest in one of the twenty proposed lots, but he also casted the deciding vote in allowing to move forward the approvals of the unlawful Sleepy Hollow development.

·        A fraudulent sale and buy actions of my property by Wells Fargo Bank and the Sheriff. My property was never sold at a sheriff sale; as was in the “Order” by the State Court!

·        Fraudulent “DEED” of my property issued by the sheriff.

·        An unlawful “Order” of eviction by a State Judge even though there were two federal pending cases against the state, Sheriff, Sleepy Hollow and the town, in court.  This illegal eviction came with improper notice and destruction of my property.

·        …and much more…….. 

(For  more information, see Petition letter to the U.S. District Court.)

By signing this petition and giving your support, I hope to gain a fair trial by a jury in federal court to bring those government officials that have broken the law to justice and thereby get back what they have stolen from me.  I also hope to send a message to the corrupt politicians that we as citizens unite together and will not allow politicians to use their power and manipulate laws for their own personal gain.  This could happen to any of us.

You can read my full story below….


 Theodore Roosevelt said:
"A man good enough to shed his blood for his country, is good enough to receive a square deal afterwards . . ." 

My name is Thomas Gage and I live in New Jersey. I am a member of a family of three-generations of United States Veterans.  For many years, I have been trying to achieve justice in my legal cases but because some very powerful politicians and local landowners are involved in the illegal activities pertaining to my case and involved in the state government, no one so far has been willing to help me in my case.

Approximately fourteen years ago I purchased a small house on four acres of land in Warren Township, N.J., with the knowledge that the Township Committee members and Planning Board members had passed a preliminary approval of a paper road to be built through my property and extended to the main road. Thereafter, only a stub road named Giddes Lane, was unlawfully completed. Though this stub road had never reached the final approval, three homes were constructed on the lots on both sides of the stub road with little regard to drainage and the environment. Whenever it rains, water runs off this road and onto my property, as well as onto the other adjoining properties. Based on the original approval of a road to be built through my property and extended to the main road, I filed an application with the town for a subdivision of my lot adjacent to the existing stub road. After years of negotiations at my own expense, the town had informed me that my application for subdivision had been” lost” and that I needed to re-file the application.

This excuse was just a cover up to the fact that my application for a subdivision would have never been approved because an approval would have made a negative impact on the Sleepy Hollow development that involved the use of Mr. Coley's land, which is adjacent to mine. It must be noted that Mr. Coley isamember of the law firm Di Francesco, Bateman, Coley, Yospin, Kunzman, Davis & Lehrer, P.C. This conflict of interest played a role in the fact that the last amended revised plan of the Giddes Lane development, which has been built, was never approved by the Planning Board and still remains unlawful to this day.

The Township Committee members and the Planning Board members deliberately have denied me the rights of "equality under the law" and "the pursuit of happiness" in depriving me of the right to develop and/or sell my property, as needed. Since 2002, I have had the chance to sell my lot four times, but because the purchase of such lot was conditional upon receiving a subdivision from the Township by the Buyer, the Township refused the Buyer a subdivision. As expected, the sale did not materialize. Their denial served to avoid a negative impact on their personal interests in Mr. Coley's land. Committee member, Mr. Sordillo, had an interest to build his own house on one of the Sleepy Hollow's lots.

Recognizing that the lawyers I tried to hire for my legal cases would either not be willing to go against such powerful politicians and government members or be corrupt, I had no other choice than to act as Pro-se in all my court cases. Of course, little did I know that true justice and equality under the law are not objective values to all.

For instance, on May 21, 2009, I went to the Superior Court of  N.J., Somerset County Courthouse, all prepared to present my case, (Case file SOM-L-1340-08), to a jury in a trial .  But once I got there, there was no jury. My right to a trial by jury was the only reason why I accepted to have my case, as a pro-se, heard in the Somerset County Courthouse. Otherwise, if I had been informed prior to the trial that my demand for a jury trial was going to be dismissed, then I would have exercised my Right to take my case to a Federal Court from the beginning to get “Justice”.  It would have been better than being victimized in the Somerset County Court by the existing conflict of interest that ties Mr. Coley, ( amember of the law firm Di Francesco, Bateman, Coley, Yospin, Kunzman, Davis & Lehrer, P.C.,) to Somerset County, the Sleepy Hollow development, Senator Bateman (who is one of the member of the State Senate Judiciary Committee,) and Di Francesco, a former Governor of  NJ. The conflict connects, indeed, Mr. Coley to Senator Christopher Bateman, who has control over who becomes judge and who gets tenured. Due to this existing conflict of interest that ties Mr. Coley with in Sleepy Hollow development, my case should not have been tried by a Judge who has a direct conflict of interest with a member of the State Senate Judiciary Committee.

 If I would have been allowed to a jury trial, I would have been able to present the evidences of my counterparts' wrong doings and have the case ruled fairly and impartially by jurors who would have rendered an objective justice, as being immune to any political threat of losing their jobs or safety. Instead, the Shorthand Reporting Agency, Marianne Cammarota & Prout & Cammarota, L.L.P., have been allowed to commit actions of perjury,fraud, forgery, breach of trust and dishonesty, which are grave offenses of  “Obstruction of Justice”, especially when they are performed during legal ruling in a Superior Court, by all of the judges who had in their hands the undeniable evidence of such illegal deeds and ignored them (Violation under, Perjury Generally (18 U.S.C. 1621) and False Statements (18 U.S.C. 1001))

Every time I tried to submit some critical and legitimate official proofs of evidence before a jury to plainly and fairly make my cases in any Court that resided in New Jersey, my cases got dismissed with a motion without even consideration of these evidences. So far, I have never gotten the chance to have these “criminal” evidences submitted before a jury for the obvious reasons that these evidences are inconvenient, criminal and leading to punishment for the members of a law firm of well-connected republican politicians, who have their own rules of laws.

My “Rightful” Demands of a trial by jury and of an appointed lawyer in the criminal cases of Corruption in the Sleepy Hollow development were never granted due to the active political influence and controlling power of the law firm of Di Francesco, Bateman, Coley, Yospin, Kunzman, Davis & Lehrer, P.C. on the Somerset County and Warren Township government. I have written many complaint letters to officials on county and state levels, as well as to senators and congressmen, which either have been unanswered or have left me with empty promises.

Why is my case important?

This case presents legal issues of extraordinary national significance and contains questions of first impression for which the input of “WE” the People is necessary. This case challenges the legal significance of the duty of the Judiciary System of the State of New Jersey towards its fellow residents and American citizens.

Let's not forget that among these citizens are many American soldiers who have served, suffered, bled and died to defend the Freedom, Liberty, Justice and the Pursuit of Happiness for all the American People who believe and trust in the rules of law of Our Land and in the integrity of our Legal Justice. The Constitution of the United States of America is the “Supreme Law of the Land", as per Article VI, clause 2.

Therefore, it is under the statute, Title (18 U.S.C. § 3331) and (18 U.S.C. § 3332), in this case, I intend to report corrupt and criminal activities by State Officers to Special Grand Juries for organized crime. My family and I are victims of a “CRIME”, a violation of our constitutional “Rights”, committed by our local Government with their illegal activities and “Corruption”. Whose duty is it to help and protect the “Rights” of a US Citizen if not a Government?  

"Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy."   It is the duty of “WE” the People to be watchful of the actions of our elected Government Officers, so that they will not become lawbreakers, but they will abide by their duty to protect the Constitutional Rights of the Citizens and void any stealthy encroachments that violate these Rights. In this case, “WE” the People must protect the dignity and integrity of our judicial court system of the United States, as well as that of New Jersey. The judicial court system of the United States must serve the unprotected and the powerless, like myself, a Pro-se in this case, in the achievement of justice and in the preservation of human rights.

I believe that “Corruption” is an enemy of “We” the People" for which it should not be accepted and allowed to prevail in any Court that resides in a Nation under “God” and “Laws”. 

I also believe that the Sacrifices of our many American soldiers, who have served, suffered, bled, and died for the American People's Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for all should never be diminished and allowed to be in vain. We should never forget how much our soldiers have loved, and still love, us as they take on wars against our foreign enemies harms away from home. We must always remember that it is because of their service that we are allowed to enjoy our Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for all.

I know this first hand because my son, a US Marine Corps Cpl., is one of the many soldiers aforementioned. He was deployed twice overseas in support of Operation Iraqi “Freedom” and Operation “Enduring Freedom” to defend the Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for all people, domestic and foreign. Therefore, in my case, it is imperial of “WE” the People to intervene and insure that my son's service and that of the rest of our American soldiers to our Country is not undermined and insulted by the actions of disdain against our Constitution committed by the local government of the Somerset County, New Jersey.

With this case, I bring forth an important National issue regarding our very trust in the rules of law of Our Land as my own trust has been violated by State Officials who, by warring against the Constitution and engaging in acts that violated the Supreme Law of the Land, repetitively keep failing to protect me and my family, along with other US citizen and residents of the State of New Jersey, from “Corruption”, our domestic enemy.

The integrity of the judicial system depends on the participants to act and perform their duties honestly and without fear of reprisals. Encouraging the destruction of evidences is an example of obstruction of justice. Federal and state laws make it a crime to obstruct justice. Obstruction of justice in federal courts is governed by a series of criminal statutes (18 U.S.C.A. §§ 1501–1505--1517) which aim to protect the integrity of federal judicial proceedings, as well as agency and congressional proceedings. Section 1503 is the primary vehicle for punishing those who obstruct or who endeavor to obstruct federal judicial proceedings. Yet I sadly witnessed in my case, politicians selling out our precious freedom for personal interests (Corruption)! In fact, a complete documentation, tapes, CDs and DVD, all related to this “Corruption” case and in my possession, provide evidences of our local government corruption. I intent to submit these evidences to Special Grand Juries for organized crime. These evidences are also available to whoever is interested in examining them. My goal is justice.

The evidences that I have been desperately trying to submit in Court without success bring forth the criminal actions that surfaced during legal proceedings of perjury, fraud, forgery, breach of trust and act of dishonesty. These actswere committed in the Sleepy Hollow development by some of the members of the Committee and Planning Board of Warren Twp, the State civil license engineer, Sleepy Hollow of Warren, L.L.C., and the president or former president of the State Board of Shorthand Reporting. These evidences are true and constitute a prima facie case of unlawful retaliation by the Warren government. It is of vital importance for the Public interest that the United States District Court grant this Petition. “We the People" put trust in the Court of Laws for the protection of our Constitutional Rights. How can the People, especially the residents of Somerset County, trust the New Jersey Judiciary System when it has allowed my “Criminal” case to be “DISMISSED" by some State Judges who have permitted Obstruction of Justice (Title 18 U.S.C. § 1505) throughout court proceedings by my counterparts with their criminal actions and interference with the orderly administration of justice?

Furthermore, based on the result of my research, beside mine, there are also other cases of government corruption in New Jersey. In fact, among them are the Cynthia Feiler-Jampel, Jack Cunningham andCaggiano's cases that reinforce the awareness that government corruption in New Jersey is practical and tangible and that the State Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney General office in Newark do nothing about it when it comes to protect the citizens from its abuses and injustices! Who is, then, supposed to protect the families of New Jersey from local government "Corruption"?

Hence, it is fundamental that “We” the People move the United States District Court to restore the dignity and the integrity of the judiciary system in New Jersey by Ordering the U.S. Attorney General of Washington, D.C, to take action under the Title 28 U.S.C. § 1361 to compel the appropriate officers of the United States to perform their duties. It is not our job to fight corruption; however, it is our duty, as American citizens, to report harmful illegal activities to higher authorities. With my case, I have shared with you my knowledge of the irregularities and illegal activities that have taken place within the Sleepy Hollow and Giddes Lane developments in Warren, New Jersey; in the achievements of these developments our “Corrupt” local Government has so far succeeded with the longtime plan to steal my property for personal interest.

After the 10 years of fighting for our country, should any family of United States Veterans now fight for their homes?  

After 9-11, in 2002, my family and I had to deal with another kind of war, which we are still fighting. Instead of bombs and bullets, we are dealing with this action of Government Corruption by the hands of all the Committee and Planning Board members of Warren Township, New Jersey, who have been acting, in a “Corrupt” manner, in the interest of the law firm of Di Francesco, Bateman, Coley, Yospin, Kunzman, Davis & Lehrer, P.C. All of this Corruption started when my son was fighting our war in Iraq, as THEY stabbed his family in the back in the effort to protect Mr. Coley's conflicts of interest with his LAND in the development of Sleepy Hollow of Warren, LLC., which "crippled" our property! It is unjust and indecent of them to have undermined our lifetime sacrifices with their heedlessness!

Instead of helping us, on August 8, 2011, THEY have forced on us an unlawful eviction by using a “Fraudulent” Bank and a “Corrupt” Sheriff. Both, Wells Fargo Bank and the Sheriff, have been sued for "Fraud" in the United States District Court of New Jersey, with a Stay, since February 14, 2011 (Civil Action 3:11-cv-00862-FLW). How could they have been allowed to proceed with such unlawful forceful eviction when the case, Civil Action 3:11-cv-00862-FLW, is still pending in Federal Court? In both cases, #3:11-cv-01501-FLW-TJB and #3:11-cv-00862-FLW-TJB, with the support of the U.S. District Court, THEY have thrown a family of three-generation of United States Veterans in the street. They call that "SUPPORT FOR OUR AMERICAN SOLDIERS"? How insensitive and worthless was their "support" on March 27, 2003, for our family's participation in the recent Iraqi war, when a two-time Iraqi war veteran and his family are now homeless because of their indifference! This is exactly what all members of our local government have done to my family. They can put my son's name on a monument stone in the middle of the town complex to remind us of our sacrifice and grandstand with resolutions and nice words, but their actions speak much louder and show how evil they all are! They are certainly not applying our AMERICAN VALUES as representatives of the American People since they have allowed the law firm of DiFrancesco to corrupt them. What makes them honest AMERICAN gubernatorial officers? Not certainly the actions to deceive, defraud, and manipulate the due process of law during public meetings and in a court trial. (Superior Court of NJ, Somerset County Courthouse, Case file SOM-L-1340-08).
THEY have denied us the right to pursue happiness, when we, for three generations, have provided that to you and to all.

One must wonder, what happened to the supposed integrity of our Governor Chris Christie, a former United States Attorney for New Jersey.  He promised that he would clean-up Trenton from “Corruption”, but the “Corrupt” offices, like those involved in my case, are still running the State! Even after I have provided the State Attorney General with some Criminal evidence of “Government Corruption” regarding to the Sleepy Hollow and Giddes Lane developments, Governor Chris Christie has done nothing about my Complaint against the Corrupt “Committee and Planning Board members of Warren Twp.”. I guess, it is because of the involvement of Di Franceso’s law firm and their Corrupt Deeds within the Sleepy Hollow and Giddes Lane developments in Warren Twp. My family and I have experienced first-hand the ugliness and destructive effects of their Corrupt Deeds!
“We”, The People of the United States of America have never authorized our local elected government representatives to undermine our Bill of Rights, the People's Rights. Indeed, through our votes, we empowered official authorities to protect, enforce, and abide by the people's equality under the law and not to abuse their powers for their own purposes and interests.

Thereon, today, I invite all, "WE" the People, to Sign this Petition on such matter in order to bring my Complaint of “Crime” to the attention of the United States District Court so that it can provide an Empanelment of Special Grand Juries for organized crime under Title (18 U.S.C. § 3331) and (18 U.S.C. § 3332).
My family and I are victims of Local Government "Corruption," a Domestic enemy of "WE the People". Herein, for your information, are my two recent court cases: Civil Action No: 3:11-cv-01501-FLW-TJB, filed on March 15, 2011, and Civil Action: 3:11-cv-00862-FLW, filed on February 14, 2011.The US District Court phone number is: 609- 989-2065. In both cases, since I filed them, the Court has not yet exercised the mandatory responsibility to provide me with a federal court forum and relief. 

So far, we did not "receive a square deal afterwards", as envisioned by Theodore Roosevelt!
Any of your generous assistance and support in my case will be greatly appreciated! Every person counts. 

"The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of early wars were treated and appreciated by our nation."
- George Washington

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Thank you in advance for your generous support,

Thomas Gage





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