National Violent Offenders Registry ; Proactively combating dating and domestic violence

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Hello to all. My name is Corrinna Martin and on April 20th of 2013 I was the mother of  4 beautifully talented, strong and gifted young women and the grandmother of 2 equally beautiful, talented and strong grandchildren. Fast-forward to August 17th of 2017; I now have 3 more grandchildren... Glory, Hallelujah!!!; but now one of my beautiful daughters (Alyssiah Wiley... a sophomore in college... majoring in Psychology and minoring in Biology) has been murdered and dismembered by her boyfriend of 4yrs. who had documented history of dating and domestic violence and we're about to be in the midst of a 3rd trial (2 previous trials ended in hung juries). So, as if that isn't enough for any family (me) to handle... on August 18th of 2017... my beautiful daughter... (Chaquinequea Brodie... studying to be a Pharmacist, a CNA and mother of 2 of my grandchildren) and even more beautiful granddaughter (9yrs. old about to start 4th grade) were shot to death by my daughter's boyfriend (not the father of any of my grandchildren) of 6mo. He too has a history of violence and a few warrants for his arrest. I needed to share my family and I's story with you because I feel that both my daughters and granddaughter would still be alive today and my family, friends, community (yes community... because our story has touched and reached so many people over the years and even more most recently) and I would not be going through all this unbearable grief if there had been a National Violent Offenders Registry available back in 2013. I know that my daughters have always been very cautious as young women about the man they were dating and I know that they would have checked The National Violent Offenders Registry to see if the man they were dating was on there or anyone they hung around. I believe whole-heartedly that their deaths could have been prevented if the registry was in place and readily available. I will not and can not say that it's to late for things to change for my family and I; but, I will say that... things need to change so no other family, friends and communities have to ever go through or feel the endless grief of any heinously horrific tragedies that could have been prevented. The purpose of The National Violent Offenders Registry is to integrate cities, towns and states with violent offenders who have in the past escaped the judicial system in many ways. To provide psychological, sociological, economic and educational counseling/therapy which is vitally necessary to aid/support offender's and victim's need to become or maintain to be productive members of society. We will be able to keep track of these offenders and create a network that is continuously updated to insure accuracy and statistical information. This will promote/enhance education/re-education/awareness; aid as a deterrent to commit abuse of any kind and proactively assist us in our war against Dating and Domestic violence as well as cruelty to animals.