Make it a legally binding responsibility for residents to feed stray dogs.

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One often hears of stray dogs and cats, many abandoned by their humans being a nuisance to residents of localities where these animals choose to live out their short lives. The number of compassionate humans who feed such stray animals in these localities are often obstructed by the local residents, ignorantly citing reasons that have no legal sanction or validity.

Despite a Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act being in force in conjunction with the liberties afforded by the Constitution of India, voluntary Animal feeders are always met with stiff resistance from ignorant residents, sometimes their personal safety being in peril.

The laws currently only advocate that citizens are free to feed animals and allows for volunteers to undertake such compassionate acts. The punishments for violating the provisions of the PCA and the Constitution are so weak, and as such matters lack priority at Police Stations, all offences go unpunished, resulting in a proliferation of citizens ignorant of the law. 

If care-giving and feeding of stray dogs and cats is made a legally binding responsibility on citizens of a locality, and they cannot wish away the territorial behaviour of such animals, it would go a long way in fostering a cleaner and healthier atmosphere for these voiceless friends of humans. Instead of punishing citizens for violating the law, if legislation makes it their duty to give food, water & care to voiceless animals, such a new law will ultimately see residents being grateful to volunteers for rendering a service.

Animal Volunteers will not be resisted by residents and the coming generations will benefit tremendously from the sense of duty to society, animals and the environment. The number of conscientious citizens will soon outnumber the uncivil ones.

Another interesting fall-out would be that residents who litter garbage in public places will now earn the wrath of the more conscientious residents who would not want their local stray animals to rummage through such domestic garbage for their food. This would deter littered domestic garbage and also reduce the rodent population, bringing down the risk of diseases spreading vectors.

Your participation in this petition could make a difference to our gentle, voiceless friends. Whether this petition does bring about change or not, I'd be curious to see how many people in this country are compassionate yet.