Cornwall For Open Fires

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The people of Cornwall Ontario want their voices to be heard about having open fires. what the mayor and city Council done was wrong and they did not follow what the majority of the city wanted. we live in a country of democracy and democracy was failed at the last open city Council meeting.  Council refuses to listen to people and their presentations because they want to please the Minority of people and not the majority.

The city of Ottawa has a population of 1 million people and they have a by law that allows open fires, the following towns and cities also have one that includes

Brockville  (21,854)

Kempville (3,911)

Belleville (50,720)

Smith Falls (8,780)

Carleton Place (11,901)

Kingston (135,685)

Rockland (11,099)

People of Cornwall just want to have a fire with friends and family, it doesn’t mean the fire has to be large and out of Control. It can be simple as a 2 or 3 log fire. During this Covid - 19 pandemic there is not much to do and getting outside and enjoying a fire is good mentally, and it’s good for relaxation which makes people have a stress free zone.

the new by law should state what should be allowed to be burned, how big the fire can be and permits should be purchased once again.the first warning should be a simple warning, followed with a $350 the with the second warning. 

with increase of taxes in the city of Cornwall each year people should have the right to choice what they want to do on their property if done safety. The taxes will not stop going up from the reckless spending and  Cornwall could be making some money with a open fire by law allowing people to do so. The city can make money on permanents. 

People also have to reconsider their options when the next election comes around. Should they vote the same people in or should they vote them out. Maybe a change of leadership is needed for our voices to be heard !