Sunday Bus Service In Cornwall

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Presently the City of Cornwall does not offer any public transit on Sundays, no handi-transit, no bus service of any kind. This is discriminatory against people who do not own or have access to a car or people who cannot drive.   

The impact of not having any public transit on Sundays is two-fold; it limits the mobility of the individuals and impacts the local economy. Non-drivers of all physical ability, age, and socio-economic levels cannot carry out the same level of activities on a Sunday as drivers can and this through no fault of their own. This has a direct impact on the local economy as this segment of non-drivers cannot shop, dine out, go to the movies, attend events, and other entertainment on Sundays.  Workers with no transportation must depend on family and friends to get a ride to work!

The City of Cornwall prides itself on being environmentally conscious but yet would sooner have more cars on the road than offering public transit on Sundays. In this day and age where many services are now accessible 24/7, it would seem timely for Cornwall to be progressive where it currently lags behind and update its transit services.