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It is extremely important that cancer patients receive much needed follow-up care after insurance has ended.
I have stage 3 metastatic breast cancer and since my insurance ended I have no way of having any follow up exams, tests or scans. I now live in limbo of not knowing what is happening to me. I wonder if today will be the day that the metastasis has taken up residence in another part of my body. Every lump, bump, bruise or pain starts the rollercoaster of fear and emotion all over again. It's like a waking nightmare. Especially on the days when I am just wiped out exhausted due to lingering after effects of chemotherapy.
I have personally witnessed doctors basically tell me that unless I have just a ton of cash or insurance, there is nothing they can do for me. I have walked out of oncologist and surgeons offices feeling completely distraught that, since my insurance ended, I am just going to be allowed to fall through the cracks in the current healthcare system.
I am not the only one. There are many, many more Cancer patients out there just like me, and in todays day and age, that is just unacceptable.
How anyone should be made to feel that a doctor has sent them away to die is disgusting.
This terrible disease has robbed me of so much to date -Physically, mentally and financially - It's taking everything we have to keep the roof over our heads while we continue to try pay down the debt of the "patient responsibility" incurred after the insurance had settled their part for treatments recieved while we had insurance. So I continue to "do the right thing".
Which brings me to my plea of asking the powers that be to do the right thing by cancer patients. Allow them to receive continued healthcare without restrictions or fine print policies and terms.
There are so many organizations out the who raise billions of dollars every year to aid in the research of a cure for Cancer. And many of them allow a little of it to fund mammograms for the uninsured or the underinsured. But my appeal is for funding so that many people, like myself, can continue to receive the necessary testing and treatment that will allow us a better quality of life during our battle with this disease.
There are so many equal rights nowadays, but sadly equal rights in healthcare falls very short. There are campaigns for Pro-Life for the unborn, but where is the Pro-Life for the living? Every human being should have the right to live regardless of their financial standing. There should not be a price tag on any life yet the current laws, including the insurance companies, seem to be allowed to stamp an expiration date on us because we are not rich enough to be worthy of good health.
We must bring about change so that Cancer patients left without insurance are not left to fall by the curb, because of a disease and a system that has taken everything.
We are people too. With strength and courage who are fighting for our lives with dignity, determination and respect.
I ask you to sign this petition to help all of us so that the current healthcare system is no longer allowed to rob us of that too.

Letter to
American Medical Association Steven Churchill
Govenor Of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley
American Cancer Society John R. Seffrin - CEO
and 5 others
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Nancy G. Brinker - Founder and CEO
President Of The United States President Barack Obama
South Carolina State House
South Carolina State Senate
South Carolina Governor
I have just signed the petition calling for change on healthcare for Cancer Patients.
It is with much repsect that I appeal to all of you to enact a much needed change for Cancer patients, who desperately need continuing follow-up care and treatment such as blood work and scans etc. But they cannot get it because they have lost insurance coverage and do not have the large sums of money to pay out-of-pocket for follow-up care and treatment.
The petition was started by a woman who is experiencing how it feels to be turned away, to face the uncertainty that this horrendous disease brings.
She is aware that there are many others like her, so we are joining her voice to urge all of you who have the ability to make the change for all of them.
Make a change by filling the cracks in the system that these Cancer patients are being allowed to fall through.
There are billions of dollars raised anually for Cancer reseach. Make the funding available to those who need the continuing care.
You all have the ability to help them have a better quality of life.
Please help them.