Please STOP the annual Taiji slaughter and capture of cetaceans.

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In Taiji, Japan, during these hunts, small whales and dolphins are rounded up into shallow bays and slaughtered with knives and hand-held harpoons. The drive fishery in Japan continues due to the demand for the meat however the demand for the animals to supply marine parks far outweighs the demand for consumption. Dolphin meat is highly toxic and consumption should be avoided by all.This killing must be stopped.

We need to let the Japanese Minister know that we cannot and will not tolerate the slaughter or capture of these sentient beings any longer.There is no justification for such brutality. It is highly distressing to know of the methods and abuse which continue to occur and have clearly been witnessed in the past, furthermore, it is barbaric insanity, which is neither endearing, educational or ethically correct. 

The message is positive:
Japan, let the dolphins live and be free!


這種野蠻的行徑絕對是不必要的。這是非常令人痛心的事。 此外,這些是野蠻且瘋狂的行為,無論在教育或道德上亦並非正確的。

Mitsuhiro Wada 
Tsukasa Hirota

Ms Mari Takada

Yoshihiro Abe