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Create a government regulations for sea mammals in captivity within Canada

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Recent exposure of Marineland has been brought to the light; in particular their indecent treatment of their animals. Within the last decade it has been found that due to improper water treatment and care this has led to harsh environments for the marine mammals to survive in. Due to these factors, sea lions, orcas and dolphins have been suffering major physical internal and external harm that has caused blindness, hair loss, skin irritation and inevitable death.

What we are proposing is that there is a government regulation among the captive marine mammals that this is monitored and has to stay at a healthy level. This means, that not only the health and safety of these marine animals are government-monitored but there MUST be a certain number of experienced staff on hand AT ALL times to assure the safety of the lives that Marineland so-called “cares for”.

We ask for not only the health and safety of the animals to be monitored but the amount of staff because of the recent case that had occurred with the baby beluga named Skoot.

“On May 28, baby beluga Skoot died after a two-hour assault by two adult male belugas in incident former trainers say points to the understaffing at the park.”- Hamilton Spectator, Linda Diebel

It is absolutely ridiculous that domestic animals are monitored for abuse and owners can be charged for indecent treatment towards them but our commercialized animals such as these cannot be monitored for their health and safety.

Marineland is making money off these creatures and what are they being given? –Dry cages without water for months, incurable external and internal damage and a sad lonely life because their companions continue to die after Marineland has sucked all of the money they can make out of them.

Join this petition and make a change! Not only to Marineland but anywhere else that mistreats these beautiful marine mammals.

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