Stop killing bears - relocate using Karelian bear dogs instead!

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Yet another mother and 2 cubs shot in Mundy Park on July 30th 2019 by Conservation Officers. No attempt done on relocation. Come on, British Columbia Conservation Officers, - why not learn from WA and Alaska - states which successfully relocate bears using Karelian Bear dogs. Why not preserve an animal life instead of shooting - here is an article for you, if you never heard of it.

Please support me in my fight for the wild life around us - bears were here before us, it is our fault the garbage is left behind and attracts them, but it is up to us to care enough to preserve their lives and make sure they are not simply shot because we, humans, were careless!

Some people tried to stop Conservation Officers and they were arrested - lets solve the problem in a peaceful way and save what mother nature gave us so our children can also see bears