My sister with MS was brutally attacked & now her attacker is getting a lenient plea deal.

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In March of this year, my sister, Lori Weirzbicki, was brutally attacked and strangled in her home.  Lori is disabled with multiple sclerosis and the unprovoked attack was committed by Russell Molleur, a recently evicted neighbor of my sister’s affordable housing complex in Milford, CT.  Her attacker had previous arrests for threatening another neighbor with a knife and even had pending charges against him for unlawfully restraining a mentally handicapped man, forcing him to watch pornography and exposing himself to the mentally handicapped man.  During my sister’s attack, Russell Molleur strangled my sister to the point of unconsciousness repeatedly and everytime she came to, he would punch her full force in the face.  He dragged her around her apartment, slamming her head into her coffee table and walls, and then forced her to undress and shower in an attempt to clean off some of the large amount of blood that was lost.  Lori luckily survived but now the Connecticut State Attorney’s Office in Milford (led by Margaret E Kelley and her assistant Chuck Stango) have offered her attacker a plea deal. They have reduced the assault charge, dropped three other charges entirely, and chosen not to charge him with assault of a disabled person (a class B felony with a mandatory minimum of five years jail time), despite my sister’s multiple sclerosis. Judge Peter Brown will only sentence her attacker to no more than two years jail MAXIMUM on January 22nd, and may even release him.  This is a miscarriage of justice and I can not sit by idly while my sister, who has little means, is left voiceless and without justice.  Please show your support by signing this petition and letting our Connecticut Judicial System know that we will not be lenient with those who abuse women and the disabled.  I’m begging you for your help in my sister’s time of need.  Don’t let her be traumatized for a second time by a faulty justice system.  This plea deal needs to be thrown out or have the appropriate charges added.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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