Support DIPG Awareness: the inoperable, incurable, unstoppable tumor that killed my child.

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Our 7 year-old daughter Cheyenne died after a six-month battle with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) – an aggressive and incurable form of pediatric cancer.

DIPG is the second most common childhood malignant brain tumor and the leading cause of brain tumor death in children. The amount of funding devoted to finding a cure for DIPG has remained unchanged in the past 30 years – and so has the prognosis.

Awareness is the first step toward reaching a cure. And House Resolution 69 – calling for a DIPG awareness day – is a great first step to bringing this kind of awareness to this cruel disease necessary to fight it. Your support can help move Congress to take action.

Our worlds were ripped apart when Cheyanne was diagnosed with DIPG. Everything changed in an instant. One day, Cheyanne was a typical happy-go-lucky 7 year-old. The next day, she couldn’t walk and would never walk on her own again. When we needed information and options, we struggled to find either since there is such little attention paid to the disease.

There were clinical research trials with experimental treatments available to us, but our daughter was never mobile enough to participate because she wasn’t strong enough to travel.

In honor of my daughter, and the many other children who’ve lost their lives to this killer tumor, we ask that you sign and share this petition asking Congress to designate May 17th as “DIPG Awareness Day” in the U.S.