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Congress, Replace Abortion with Two-Year Foster Care!

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The issue here is that so many pregnant girls and women in crisis pregnancies are scared, desperate and feel that they have nowhere to turn. When you feel that you have no options and nowhere to turn, you may be more likely to do something desperate, something you may not even want to do. More options means fewer desperate actions. 

 Those facing crisis pregnancies often turn to abortion because they truly feel that they have no other options. So many of them believe or know that they are not ready for parenthood, whether for economic or

other reasons. Yet so many of them find the very thought of placing a baby in adoption, horrific. It is easy for us in the prolife movement to tell girls and women to "Just choose choose adoption for your baby; it is the most loving and child-centered option." I'm in no way trying to discredit the many wonderful adoptive parents who have taken ichildren and loved them. But adoption is final, and re-uniting with your child in adulthood is just not the same as knowing both the joys and sorrows of seeing them grow up. But the only options that those counseling those facing crisis pregnancies can hold out to them are parenting, which many are not ready for or adoption, which is final and there is no chance of seeing your child until adulthood--if they choose to search for you. Isn't it time to try to improve the law so that those dealing with a crisis pregnancy can have even more options, thus giving more children a chance at life and their parents chances of good futures without losing contact with their children for good?

 When I was conceived in the 1960's, Mom was 16 and abortion was not legal. While she was a good mother to me, she freely admits that she was not prepared for parenthood. She was overwhelmed with the problems I presented, no doubt caused by my birth dad kicking her in the stomach when he learned of my conception. I stll live with the effects of my birth dad's actions even today. But he was 18 and he no doubt was thinking, "I'm not ready for parenthood but I can't stand the thought of giving up my baby for adoption. I'm mad and overwhelmed and I'm going to get rid of this crisis now!" I am only one of many who believe that crisis pregnancies would not so often end in abortion if the parties involved had more options. Today, of course, abortion is legal and girls, women, and their boyfriends or husbands so often turn to that choice in crisis. It seems to me that another option, temporary foster care, would be an incentive to many more pregnant girls and women in crisis to carry their babies to term. To protect the children, this grace period would last no more than two years, the time it takes girls and women to rebuild their lives so they can raise their own children. They should be allowed visitation during this time. This would not be a perfect option but it should open up another life-affirming option for those dealing with crisis pregnancies. Yes, I know that even two years (maximum) of foster care is not in "the best interests of the child," but from the standpoint of one who wants to help end abortion by calling for a new option, it is better than not having a chance to live!

We cannot expect to end abortion unless we are willing to provide those in crisis pregnancies all the life-affirming options that would give them incentives to choose life for their babies!

*** TO CLARIFY*** This petition calls for a law holding out the option of placement in temporary foster care for those facing crisis pregnancies. This would not affect adoptive parents in any way, shape or form. In this plan, babies would be placed in temporary foster care and NOT with adoptive parents. Adoption would remain safe, secure and lasting for all who place their children in it. Temporary foster care would, in fact, PREVENT the nightmare of adopting a child, only to watch in horror as the biological mom reclaims that same child.***

The above video is provided courtesy of The Abolitionist Society of Little Elm. I'm not a partner of or affiliated with them.

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