Quit India!

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The uprising in the middle east was because of the death of a single farmer. Thousands of farmers die in India everyday but no one takes notice because that has become the mindset of our country's people. 

We have a failing economy and a depreciating rupee all because the congress has been bleeding our country dry and doesn't make up for it with good policies. Anyone who accuses them is titled as 'having no faith in democracy / Indian Government/ Indian Constitution/ Anti-National' .Congress is rewriting history for its own welfare. 

India has been rocked by a number of scams and scandals in which the ruling Congress Party members are involved. The weak person in the party is arrested the strong ones are still at large. The scams under congress rule are many, The Adarsh Housing Scam, Commonwealth Games Scam, 2G Telecom Scandal etc. the list of corruption goes on and on. Despite this the ruling Congress Party does not want a stringent anit-corruption bill to be passed. Their party plenary has passed a resolution that they would crack down against corruption, but that remains to be an eye-wash. The new LokPal Bill does not have enough teeth to go after powerful politicians and bureaucrats and would lead to the same state of affairs. It was the Supreme Court which was responsible to bring out the 2G Telecom Scam into open by taking over the investigation as it did not feel confident in the ability of the ruling party to take action against the guilty. India’s top investigation agences CBI and ED are hopelessly compromised and are repeatedly castigated by the courts for being criminally lenient towards powerful and rich.

They've started censorship on our freedom of speech online and elsewhere. They're even bought off the media.

Think about it.. they gave us:

1.A mum primeminister who keeps saying '' Don't call me corrupt''  - and we don't doubt that he is corrupt because he comes from such a lineage but sir, Abraham lincoln once said '' To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.''  and Einstein said something along the same lines,

“The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don't do anything about it.”

2.A mum president - Pratibha patil

How come no one has ever heard of her before she came to power. And the only thing that she is famous for is reflected on the google search suggestions - 'foreign tours' , 'retirement housing' so on and so forth. 

What she did do to not go unnoticed is pardon some rapists and mass murderers from the dealth penalty. 

What about the hundreds of engineers and average people who've been jailed and gone without a trace, merely because they made comments about the italian lady 'Sonia Gandhi' (if that is her real name) online?

3. A mum lok sabha speaker - Meira kumar 

She has taken just as many foreign trips as our president.. and has done a lot less speaking in the house than her predecessor who was among the greatest ever - Somnath Chaterjee..

4. They are trying to sell us on the next PM - Rahul gandhi..

I don't even have to explain how this can affect our country.. 

Congress has gone to great lengths to tap vote banks so much so that the concept of  'Divide and conquer' never left our country. 

We need to unite. The change is in our hands. There are billions of souls out there that are craving for it, lets take it to them. 

Jai Hind


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