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Provide a one-time grant of P7 Billion to the PGH for modernization

Every year, over 600,000 Filipinos, mostly indigent, troop to the Philippine General Hospital seeking medical assistance. That's an average of one patient per minute. At that rate, the building (originally built in 1907), the equipment - not to mention the staff - are pushed to the limits. The hospital's current budget is barely sufficient for day to day operations. This is why the roof in some sections and old plumbing leak; CT scan, MRI or XRay machines conk out; the elevators need to be upgraded, and even just lighting along corridors need to be improved. What better way to spend the PDAF than with a one-time grant to the nation's largest charity hospital to bring it up to the standards of private hospitals? If we the ordinary people are our political leaders' "bosses", why shouldn't we have a hospital that is just as good as the private ones our "servants" go to???

Letter to
Congress of the Philippines
Can we not provide a one-time grant of P7 Billion to the PGH for modernization of its infrastructure and its equipment? The PGH is the Peoples' Hospital, with patients suffering from the most serious of ailments coming from all over the archipelago. It is also the litmus test of our ability to provide for decent health care for the general public.

Think about it: Why should public officials go to the best equipped PRIVATE hospitals while the public they are supposed to be serving -- ang BOSS - compete for limited space, limited facilities, limited support and limited supplies -- in a hospital that otherwise provides one of the best if not the best medical service in the country?

Let's do our people right, in a big way. Let's extend a P7 Billion one time grant to the PGH so it can modernize its equipment and fix and improve its facilities. That's not asking too much for a people who suffer the hardships of poverty, daily.

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