Don't frack wild horse land!

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Don't frack wild horse land!

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Started by Protect Mustangs

Please don't frack wild horses' native land! Don't roundup wild horses to pollute the air, water and earth by fracking for oil and natural gas--mostly for export to Asia as seen on HBO's GASLAND 2:

America's wild horses are a returned native species who benefit the ecosystem as proven in the American Journal of Life Sciences here:

Reserve Design, explained in Craig Downer's scientific paper, is a holistic form of management that can be implemented with an immediate moratorium on roundups. It will benefit all creatures including the sage grouse.

Stop cruelly chasing wild horses with helicopters, rounding them up and removing them only to stockpile the mustangs at taxpayer expense. Here is some video footage of cruel roundups:

Once in government holding, wild horses are at risk of being killed or sold for slaughter according to the 2004 Burns Amendment of the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act (est. 1971).

The public elected you to represent our wishes yet it appears you are listening to lobbyists and not to the voters. Do you want the blood of America's icons of freedom on your hands?

Right now the Nevada Farm Bureau and the Nevada Association of Counties are suing the Department of Interior's Bureau of Land Management to roundup more wild horses in Nevada and kill thousands in holding to make room to hoard even more from roundups. The Associated Press viral article shocked the nation.

Curiously Nevada is predicting a fracking boom on the Chainman Shale formation in northeastern Nevada--exactly on the public land where many wild horses live in freedom . . .

Spin Dr.s want you to believe a fake overpopulation claim. The National Academy of Sciences reported in 2013 there is "no evidence" of overpopulation.

In the field and during aerial surveys it's almost impossible to find them on 800,000 acre herd areas such as the one here: We also need the moratorium on roundups for population studies before they are wiped out.

Recently the Washington Post article exploring the issue went viral: 'U.S. looking for ideas to help manage wild-horse overpopulation'

Fertility control is premature. Currently wild horses fear extinction so their birthrate is abnormally high. Good science--not tobacco science--must guide management.

At present only 18,000 wild horses and burros are estimated to live in freedom in all ten western states combined. Today 50,000 are held captive in taxpayer funded holding. Approximately half of them are already sterile. They should all be returned to the range to help reverse desertification and prevent wildfires by grazing.

Please listen to the people of this country who want to keep native wild horses on public land and stop the toxic fracking.

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This petition had 3,358 supporters

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